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Cost effective. Purpose built.

You want to protect your patient privacy, lower your IT costs, and remove the hassle of managing your practice software. That’s why we have built a medical cloud hosting solution that ticks all the boxes.

We take security for medical cloud hosting very seriously. That’s why we are one of the very few companies to comply with the new Department of Human Services (DHS) requirements for cloud hosting providers. Only medical customers share the infrastructure so we can keep the costs down and your patient data safe.

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Operating your medical practice from the cloud

Are you wondering if the Cloud is right for your practice? This guide outlines the things you need to consider and provides a checklist to ensure a smooth transition.
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The Greenlight medical hosting solution

We’ve been hosting practice management software in the cloud since 2012 and we’ve learnt a lot about the unique requirements of your industry including the current and future compliance requirements.  We have templates ready for the common practice management solutions so we can get you up into the cloud in no time at all.

  • All data is only stored in Sydney data centres
  • Highly available servers, purpose built for your software
  • Includes backups for no extra cost
  • DHS and ISO 27001 compliant data centre
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Did you know?

“From july 2020, the dhs requires all medical cloud hosting service providers to meet dhs cyber security stands to transact with medicare.” – australian cyber security centre

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Why is medical cloud hosting security so important?

Industries with data rich sources are more likely to be targeted by data thieves, an in Australia, there have been a number of incidents where information has been compromised

  • According to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), Australia’s health service providers suffered more data breaches than any other sector between April 1 and June 30, 2018.
  • Out of a total of 242 breach notifications, 49 were reported by the health sector. One breach affected over 1 million Australians.

Empower your business through technology

Love your patients

  • Keep their records safe
  • DHS certified data centre

Enable your staff

  • Access patient records from anywhere
  • No need to change practice management software
  • No additional staff training required

Optimise your operations

  • Turnkey solution. We take care of everything
  • Costs less than buying and maintaining your own server

Your questions answered

How much will it cost?

Pricing for a simple setup starts from about $150 per month and will support 2-3 concurrent users. Pricing will vary depending on the Microsoft licenses required, the number of users, and any specific requirements for your practice.

What is included?

You receive your own Virtual Private Server, Active Directory, Remote Desktop Gateway with SSL encryption, Managed Firewall, Daily backups, and any requisite Microsoft licensing for a low monthly fee.  Please be careful when you are comparing providers as additional security and backups are typically not included by default and can cost quite a lot more than you might initially expect.

For some medical software vendors we can even add their licensing component on your monthly invoice from us.

How will I save money?

It costs thousands of dollars to buy a server, then thousands more for software and IT project labour only to have to replace it every 3-5 years and start again.  You also need backups, and someone to maintain and secure your server.  Typically support alone costs several hundreds of dollars per month.  With Greenlight, once you are set up, you never have to think about your server again.

What about printing, scanning, and credit cards?

Printing, Scanning, and payment providers such as Tyro are supported. We have been doing this for a long time and have solutions for everything that a medical practice might need.

How do you migrate my data?

We have documented checklists and processes for all the leading medical software vendors.  We upload your data out of hours so there is no disruption to your business.

Is it reliable? Is it secure?

We only use enterprise-class hardware and have full redundancy for every component.  Even if your server goes offline due to a major hardware failure, it will automatically boot up again on alternate hardware within minutes.

We take security very seriously and can tick all the boxes.
Dual enterprise class firewalls, SSL encryption on every connection, Multifactor Authentication to log in, AI powered next-gen anti-virus, and a whole lot more.  Exceeding the ASD Essential 8 was just our starting point.

Am I locked in to a long term agreement?

Only when we are required to by a third party, such as a part of a financing arrangement. Our philosophy is love us, or leave us.

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"Our hospital has been using Greenlight ITC since 2011. During that time I have been impressed with quick response times and the knowledge of their technicians. When a difficult issue arises it is escalated and resolved efficiently and effectively. I have also been very happy that they have been able to reduce our maintenance costs without compromising service."

“They reduce maintenance costs without compromising service.”

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Implement together

We provide everything you need to enable you to access your patient records from anywhere.

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Trusted by over 100 amazing medical practices that love what we do

“I was referred to Greenlight and a few other cloud hosting companies through a software program I need for running my business. I am so glad I went with Greenlight. They have provided secure, reliable, trouble free cloud hosting.

Their customer support is above and beyond any IT backup I’ve ever experienced. Support is available for any enquiry and is unfailingly patient, good humoured and efficient.

I never have to worry about my IT as provided by Greenlight and this is invaluable to my work.  I have already referred some of my colleagues to Greenlight and would encourage anyone, especially if you’re nervous around computers,  to contact them.“

– Sydney Endocrinologists

“Starting as a sole practitioner, my decision to transition to a digital practice management system was one fraught with stress and trepidation. I received a recommendation from a colleague endorsing Greenlight’s services and four years on I have no regrets about engaging them to host my practice data.

I have never felt like I was too small for them to not provide a professional level of service and the expertise received has always catered for any of my IT requirements as my business has continued to grow.”

– Dr. Crawford

“We have been a long-time customer of Shexie’s and was recommended to Greenlight’s hosting services when our previous CSP was no longer able to maintain a stable platform nor provide the server resources we required.

As we work exclusively from a remote server environment, downtime was having an unsustainable impact on our business several times a week with no apparent solution in sight.

A change had to be made and Greenlight engaged with us to correctly plan an amicable migration to a well-resourced and resilient VPS platform that has delivered the performance and reliability as promised since day one. Based on our exceptional experience we have referred many of our clients to seek similar cloud solutions with Greenlight.”

– Medical Billing Experts