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IT support

How’s your business thriving in today’s high-tech world?

It’s no longer news… For your business to stand out or (even) survive post pandemic, you need to do everything possible to get technology actively working FOR you.

For some business owners, this meant hiring 1 or 2 in-house IT support staff…

Or just calling Noah (the 1-man IT provider) whenever a computer was acting up or emails wouldn’t work…

Some others have gone as far as signing 2-year contract deals with some 3-man IT support company (that clearly would be out-of-hands with a few extra clients!)...

Others are hanging on for dear life, relying on an IT provider that is stuck in the dot-com era!

Let’s be real, solutions like these have kept you stuck in an IT environment that slows you down, keeps you confused, makes work a drag, and puts your business at risk of malware attacks…

Clearly, you’d need A WHOLE LOT MORE than that to “THRIVE” with technology.

More than just a necessary evil, IT should be the rocket fuel that your business needs to grow at record speed. But why isn’t IT looking that way for you?

Dear business owner, we get it…

You’ve had to deal with IT on your own. Or worse, you’ve been stuck with a mediocre IT support company that isn’t as responsive as you were made to believe on the sales call.

Or an IT guy that clearly lacks the expertise to significantly improve your IT experience. There’s always one IT problem or another, and the expenses keep piling up to high heavens.

Worse still? Your calls go unanswered time and time again, leaving you to tackle the same IT problems without professional help, for days.

Sometimes, they simply cannot show up onsite to give you the quality of support you need, because they’re overseas!

So much for “support”, right?

Managed IT services

Your business is important, and should be treated that way…

You deserve a readily-available team of genius IT experts to provide you with IT support right when you need it - and no later.

Granted, a full-time team of IT experts may not be your wisest investment just yet… But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get that level of dedication and support from cost-effective alternatives!

Because the truth is; all your business-growth strategies would come crashing down on you, if you lack the infrastructure to support such growth.

The goal isn’t just to scale your business, it’s to scale sustainably - backed by an IT environment that can easily scale to support such growth and much more!

Managed IT services

Imagine an IT environment where...

Instead of having sleepless nights, worried sick about the security and continuity of your business and the hell-hole that your IT is

You get IT experts proactively ensuring that your systems are absolutely secure and perform seamlessly, no matter what…

Instead of facing the same IT issues over and over, without any clear understanding of the root cause

You have access to IT experts that dig into IT problems and solve them once and for all - from the root - never to return again!

Instead of dropped emails and endless tickets before support is provided

Your call gets picked up in minutes, rather than hours (by an experienced tech who attempts to solve the problem immediately).

Instead of making do with only remote support, because your IT partner is on a different continent!

You get access to world-class IT support from a local team that provides remote and on-site, boots-on-the-ground assistance with technology!

Instead of making do with one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter-type IT strategies, that have little to no impact on your business

You get IT experts to look at your processes, and custom-fit IT strategies that would make work about 30% more efficient for you!

Instead of needing a new expert for every new aspect of IT you need help with

You get a team of IT experts to handle every aspect of your business IT needs, from VoIP all the way to cybersecurity and everything in between…

Instead of putting your business at risk of crashing to the ground as a result of disasters and cyberattacks

You receive multi-layered disaster recovery and cybersecurity for your business, the same quality as what large corporations in Australia get

This is the quality of IT support that the team over at Greenlight assures your growing business of…

And we aren’t exaggerating - you can check out our reviews! But first, get to know us…

We've been exceeding expectations since 2006...

Greenlight is an industry-leading IT support company that has been helping businesses thrive with information technology for 16 years! We have clients right now that have been with us from the very beginning, and their testimony of us has always been that we “go over and beyond”.

Regardless of how amazingly we’ve grown as a company, we have not once lost our sense of family. And it’s a conscious effort -  because that’s what sets us apart from the sea of IT companies in Sydney and Melbourne.

We care deeply and we’re expressive about it. We care about your business growth. We care that your IT is causing you sleepless nights. We express this care by picking up in seconds when you call for help, and paying attention to every detail of your business, in order to custom-create the best-suited solution for you!

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Hundreds of businesses rely on our 100+ years of combined experience!

They’ve been so satisfied, that some have stayed with us for over 14 years!

Construction Assignments

As a growing small business it is important to us to have the support of a progressive IT company that can advise on the usefulness of emerging technologies and provide the most cost effective solutions that enable us to capitalise on what’s new. We appreciate the quality of service provided by Greenlight and have no hesitation in recommending them to others looking for sound IT support.


As an ISV forced to deal with a wide range of IT providers one our biggest problems was constantly dealing with incompetent hardware technicians that did not know how to setup a network or restricted it to the extent our software could not operate. All of our clients that use Greenlight’s services encounter none of these issues and if a problem does arise it is always resolved quickly and effectively. As a result, we partnered with Greenlight as our preferred cloud hosting provider in mid-2016 and continue to strengthen our mutually beneficial relationship.


Dealing with Greenlight has been the most pleasurable regular service experience I have ever had – 100% every time.

Ellington Savage

Finding a reliable and trustworthy IT partner is always a challenge, and I am pleased to say we have found one in Greenlight. We have been a client of Greenlight ITC for the past three years, and have relied on Greenlight for the day-to-day care of our systems and users, advice on improvements, and implementation of those improvements. In the time Greenlight has worked with us, our systems performance has improved, downtime has become virtually non-existent, and our running costs have actually decreased. As a CFO, this sort of result ticks all the boxes.

As a leading IT provider, we're passionate about supporting Australian businesses

In 2006, we began with the vision of enabling businesses across the country to communicate, manage and improve their IT and systems more effectively.

Since then, we have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support, service, and products that allow our clients to get ahead of the competition and achieve greater success. We love to help, have a passion for technology, and love to learn and share knowledge.

If we can play our part in ensuring that your Aussie business can focus on growth, without worrying about IT - we’re winning.

We’re doing that successfully for over 100 businesses presently. If we can do that for 100 more businesses (because we have the capacity to), we believe that we’re playing a vital role in nation-building.

92% satisfaction rating across all clients over 16 years!

90% of requests are resolved within 1 business day

97% of calls are answered by a technician within 30 seconds

100+ years experience as a team

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We go over and beyond with our fully managed IT services

We take care of everything IT for you, so that you can focus on your business. Here’s what you can expect…

Laser-fast response times (say goodbye to downtime)

Our engineers are ready to pick up the call swiftly when you reach out for help. Because we remotely monitor your systems, most of the time, we are already fixing the issue before you call.

With a 90% same-day resolution rate, you can be assured that your business wouldn’t be slowed to a crawl as a result of unforeseen IT challenges. So yes, you can practically say goodbye to downtime.

100% personalized service (custom-fit solutions)

Your business is unique, and the IT solutions and services you get should be unique to you as well. We can’t wrap our heads around one-size-fits-all IT solutions, they simply cannot get you any revenue-impacting results.

Over the years, we have taken it upon ourselves to pay attention to every need your model has and meet those needs in a timely manner, with tailored solutions. Also, our clients are much more than “customers”, they are family. The engineers know you by name, understand your needs and ensure they are met to precision, every single time.

Locally available (genuine Aussies, through and through)

All engineers on our team are either local to Sydney or Melbourne (where we have our two offices). We don’t want to just provide remote support (which we do extremely well) and leave it at that. We want to be present for cabling, networking, and other IT needs that require our physical presence.

Also, we do not outsource anything, our in-house engineers are more than enough to keep you completely satisfied. So, while we can cater to clients worldwide, if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne (within 30 KM of CBD) - we can easily drive by in minutes to solve your IT problems.

Highly skilled techs only (decades of experience each)

It’s one thing to have greenhorn IT experts looking after your IT environment, it’s another to have IT veterans, with decades of experience under their belts, proactively supporting you. The difference is always clear.

For example, when we fix an IT issue, you can be sure that it’s done for good.

Over the years, we have maintained this as our standard, so that we can provide swift, precise, and tailored IT solutions to our clients, 100% of the time. It has served us well because we’ve been able to keep our clients consistently satisfied. With 100+ years of combined experience, the Greenlight team is ready to help you too.

Exceptional customer service (we treat you like family)

We’ve been at this since 2006 and we’ve not one day lost our sense of family - that’s how committed we are to offering exceptional service. To us, “treating you like family” simply means we provide you with personalised care - meeting your specific needs, as they evolve year after year.

We do this because, apart from the fact that we deeply care,  our reputation is on the line. A single 2-star review on Google would give us an image we don’t want - we want to be the 5-star IT partner, online and in reality.

No long-term contracts (stay because you want to)

We’ve been in business long enough to know that it’s best to work with clients who really want to work with you. Rather than tying you down with age-long contracts, we strive to earn your business month after month by exceeding expectations!

We want you to stay because you absolutely love us and can’t imagine IT without us - not because we slid a contract in there somewhere.

No matter your IT needs, we have the expertise to meet them all

Here are some of the IT services we provide to small to mid-sized businesses:

Remote Support

We proactively monitor your systems and provide remote support whenever you need assistance. Our techs are swift, pick up the phone speedily and walk you through the best solution for you at that time. Our aim is to ensure business continuity, no matter the issue.

Cyber Security

Think about this, you spend years building your business, but it takes minutes for a hacker to crash it to the ground. Cybercriminals can easily penetrate 93% of organizations’ networks. As of 2021, 46% of cybersecurity breaches impacted small and midsize businesses. The average cost of a small-business breach is $108,000.

With Greenlight, you don’t have to be a cyber statistic. With our state-of-the-art cyber security measures, we ensure that your business is bulletproof and secure. We also help you build a human firewall around your assets, by training your staff to avoid recent trends and threats.

  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Spam Filtering
  • Firewalls & VPN
  • Security Training

Data backup and disaster recovery

What happens if an unforeseen disaster hits your city, or a thunderstorm starts right now and messes with your servers… Would you be able to get right back to work, or would that grind your business to a halt?

If you can’t operate without your data, it only makes sense that it is readily available whenever you need it. That’s what you get with us as your managed IT services provider. We keep you prepared for anything… While others are trying to figure out their next steps, you’ll be thriving.

  • We perform disaster recovery tests to proactively ensure you’re ready for anything
  • We offer cloud-based and on-premise backup solutions
  • We include backups for your service providers, like Microsoft 365

Network services

All businesses need secure, reliable, and fast networks for their day-to-day operations. We have in-house networking experts that assist you with this by managing and monitoring network security and stability.

  • Network Throughput and Consistency
  • External Threats & Firewall Monitoring
  • Security Policies and Procedures Enforced
  • Internal and APT (Advanced Persistent Threats)

Cloud solutions

94% of businesses use one variant of cloud services or the other today. However, it’s obvious that they are not all enjoying the profit-enhancing benefits of having access to enterprise-grade data security, backup, and availability.

At Greenlight, we can help you take advantage of the cloud, make your remote working experience seamless, and centralize your data at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Finally, let go of your aged, energy and money-draining servers and step into the new normal.

  • Work from anywhere, with equal security and efficiency
  • Have real-time access to your data, no matter what
  • Remove the costs of server maintenance from your IT budget

ISP and VoIP

As partners with some of the biggest telecom providers in Australia and the US, we have what it takes to negotiate rock-bottom pricing for your business. We also ensure that every installation is done to perfection, at no extra cost to you.

No need to deal with the hassle, we can take it off your plate and leave you with the results - the most crystal clear office calls you’ve ever made, at a fraction of your legacy telecom costs!

Virtual CIO services

We function as a crucial part of your team from the outside. By taking advantage of our Virtual Chief Information Officer service, you get access to our 100+ years of IT expertise, at a mere fraction of the cost of internal staffing.

The strategies we provide you are 100% tailored to your specific needs, and would generate real results in the short and long term.

Don’t take our word for it, see what some more clients have to say

Hourigan International

Helpful, responsive, professional and dedicated team, with an excellent ticket tracking system, so you always feel looked after and know that somebody is on hand to assist no matter what hour of the day or night it is.

Glenferrie Orthodontics

I cannot recommend Igor and the team at Greenlight ITC highly enough. We are a mid size healthcare practice and rely heavily on the smooth running of our IT. We found Greenlight online earlier this year when looking for a new IT partner and we could not be happier. They are so responsive and have professional systems in place. They keep you in the loop at all times which is very reassuring to know that your issue is being worked on. Nothing is too much trouble or too difficult and all the staff that we have worked with either over the phone or in the office have been so polite and thorough. They were able to come in, evaluate and have a full understanding of our current set up almost immediately. We feel that we finally have an IT partner that is able to look at the cause of issues and advise us on future proofing to prevent any further issues and to streamline our performance. Their fees are reasonable and transparent, no hidden costs. We have used other IT support companies in the past and I now see just how lacking that support was. You really do get SUPPORT when you are a client of Greenlight and for our business that is invaluable.


Our hospital has been using Greenlight ITC since 2011. During that time I have been impressed with quick response times and the knowledge of their technicians. When a difficult issue arises it is escalated and resolved efficiently and effectively. I have also been very happy that they have been able to reduce our maintenance costs without compromising service.

Command Recruitment

Transitioning to the Greenlight services and solutions has been very smooth and has increased our business performance and uptime dramatically. It’s nice to have a trusted team we can rely on that truly care about our business.

You could be the next business with those results… AT NO COST!

(T’s and C’s apply)

To give you a foretaste of just how responsive, proactive, and tailored to your needs our managed IT services are, we are doing something we’ve hardly ever done in our 16 years in business.

We are giving a handful of small to mid-sized businesses the opportunity to test-drive our managed IT services for 1 whole month, absolutely FREE of charge!


Aside from the fact that we really believe in Australian businesses, we have another reason for putting this offer out…

We want to give you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have your IT managed by a team of IT experts with over 100 years of experience combined!

Because we know that, once you have that experience, you’d never again be able to cope with anything less. In essence, the 1-month Free Test Drive is our way of showing you what the future holds, once you make us your IT partner.

And remember, we actively work hard to win your business month after month. So the amazing IT experience we provide you with in this free month, would only be the tip of the iceberg

Note: This is a very limited-time offer, and businesses would be responded to on a first-come-first-serve basis!

Also, the 1-month Free Test Drive is specifically for businesses with a team of 20 - 400 staff (onsite and remote).

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What exactly do you get when you sign up for the 1-month Free Test Drive?

  • Laser-fast response times (say goodbye to downtime)
  • 100% personalized service (custom-fit solutions)
  • Exceptional customer service (we treat you like family)
  • No long-term contracts (stay because you want to)
  • Remote Support (solve IT issues over the phone)
  • Cyber security assessment and measures (secure your vital data)
  • Data backup and disaster recovery tests and support
  • Network consultation and support
  • Virtual CIO services (get tailored IT strategies that would provide trackable results)

For a full month, absolutely free of charge!

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Jason Ryan
Managing Director at JJR Group

"Greenlight ITC have provided us with prompt service and given us peace of mind regarding our IT systems. As a business owner, it is great to know that Greenlights expert IT advice and assistance is only a phone call or email away"

“Greenlights expert IT advice and assistance is only a phone call or email away

The 1-month Free Test Drive is Greenlight’s way of showing you what the future holds, once you make us your IT partner

Remember, we actively work hard to win your business month after month. So the amazing IT experience we provide you with in this free month, would only be the tip of the iceberg...

Note: This is a very limited-time offer, and businesses would be responded to on a first-come-first-serve basis!

Also, the 1-month Free Test Drive is specifically for businesses with a team of 20 - 400 staff (onsite and remote)

So, if that’s you, you have nothing to lose…

See if I qualify for a FREE MONTH

What happens when I click “See if I qualify for a FREE MONTH”?

Starting point

After we've confirmed that your location and size are just right, an Greenlight representative will schedule a call with you...
On the call, our representative would ensure that you’re a perfect fit for the 1-month Free Test Drive, and more so - that we’re a perfect fit for you.

Within one working day

At your convenience, or until our offer expires

When all that is done, we would show up at your office - and get to work.
We’d enhance your systems, mitigate threats and ensure your networks are running at optimal speed.


About half a business day later

Then we’d provide the best IT experience you’ve ever had - for 30 days straight.
And! you’d be so impressed with our services and responsiveness, that you’d (almost 100%) stick with us going forward…

As soon as you can

Within 5 - 15 working days, depending on size of project

We can’t wait to add you to the family - and if you’re still here, you want that too!

Your business deserves the opportunity to grow at record speed with our managed IT services, snatch this opportunity while it’s still available…

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