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  1. No lock-in contracts - stay with us because you want to, not because you have to
  2. Taking the time to know what 's important to your business and people
  3. We take ownership of the problem and don't push it back to you
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No lock-in contracts

Stay with us because you want to, not because you have to

Passion for our clients

Taking the time to know what 's important to your business and people

Full responsibility

We take ownership of the problem and don't push it back to you

Don’t let your IT system hold you back

  • Are you constantly facing tech and IT problems?
  • Are you an easy target for hacks and cyber-attacks?
  • Are your current IT Support team really meeting your needs?

Market leading companies choose us because we focus on the 4 P’s


When it comes to your tech, above all else, you need to know that your systems will do what you need them to do, when you need them to do it. Without fail.

That’s why we focus on ensuring that yours do exactly that.


We believe that the best working relationships are the ones that stand the test of time.

So while we won't ever tie you into a long contract, we do look to foster term partnerships.


The tech space moves quickly. And so do we.

We don’t sit back and wait passively. We are constantly on the front foot looking for new ways to make your IT system more efficient, more dependable and more effective in driving your business forward.


IT Support should never be a sunk cost. We aim to give you a healthy ROI on every dollar you spend with us.

We do this by making your IT system so efficient it actually becomes a money-making asset in your business.

Tech is an asset, NOT a liability

Many companies see technology as a necessary evil. They know they have to use IT, because, well, that’s just the way the world is.

Sadly, this mindset leads them to view their systems as liabilities to be mitigated against.

But the true trailblazers understand that tech can, and in fact, should, be viewed as an asset.

Tools that can be used to drive efficiencies, improve performance and increase effectiveness, and therefore drive up profits.

The simple fact is that companies that fully embrace the right IT systems can perform up to 30% more efficiently than those that don’t.

And they are exactly the sort of clients we work with day in, day out.

About Us

Our statistics speak for themselves

92% satisfaction rating across all clients

Our mission is to ensure all our clients are fully satisfied with the service they receive from us.

96% project score rating across all clients

That’s our average rating from our clients over the last 12 months.

90% of requests resolved within one business day

The saying goes; ‘Time is money’. We agree, therefore we strive to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

97% of calls answered inside 30 seconds

When you need us, you need us now. You don’t need to be hanging around in a call queuing system.


"Command experienced frequent outages and slow turnarounds from their existing outsourced IT support company. Computers were slow and the phone system was clunky and outdated. Due to large downtime, the business as a whole was put at risk."

"Helpful, responsive, professional and dedicated team, with an excellent ticket tracking system, so you always feel looked after and know that somebody is on hand to assist no matter what hour of the day or night it is."

"Our hospital has been using Greenlight ITC since 2011. I have been impressed with quick response times and the knowledge of their technicians. When a difficult issue arises it is escalated and resolved efficiently and effectively. I have also been very happy that they have been able to reduce our maintenance costs without compromising service.”

"This outcome was important to our business, to keep us competitive, enable staff to work remotely, ensure security of our data while using a system that is easy to operate as we moved to storing all our data electronically. We have achieved our objectives and recommend Greenlight ITC to small businesses."

"Proten wishes to thank Joel, Sorwar and all the other techs who assisted in their Sharepoint change – It was extremely smooth and well planned with zero issues (other than staff impatience as they waited their turn.) It was a great Greenlight experience.."

"WatchGuard just works. It gives us the confidence that our security posture will continue to support our operations for many years to come.”

"We are both proud and thankful for the 10yr+ relationship with reenlight. As a growing small business Greenlight has been there for us every step away. From ensuring we buy the right equipment & software to ongoing help desk support we simply could not have survived without their professional and courteous support."

"As an ISV forced to deal with a wide range of IT providers one our biggest problems was constantly dealing with incompetent hardware technicians that did not know how to setup a network or restricted it to the extent our software could not operate. All of our clients that use Greenlight’s services encounter none of these issues and if a problem does arise it is always resolved quickly and effectively.”

Finding a reliable and trustworthy IT partner is always a challenge, and I am pleased to say we have found one in Greenlight. We have relied on Greenlight for the day-to-day care of our systems and users, advice on improvements, and implementation of those improvements. In the time Greenlight has worked with us, our systems performance has improved, downtime has become virtually non-existent, and our running costs have actually decreased.

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