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The game has changed in 2022

The attackers are getting smarter. You now need layers of protection. Greenlight offers a simple, commonsense approach that keeps your costs to a minimum. We can help you manage compliance, train your team so your employees know how to spot and avoid cyber attacks, and deploy cyber defence and business continuity solutions to keep your business running.

Your 3 easy steps to unleashing your remote workforce

Cyber criminals

A single breach could ruin your company, or cost thousands of dollars in fines.

Internal threats

Educate your team to be aware of the threats to your business and themselves.

Compliance risks

Ensure that you meet your industry compliance as well as privacy legislation.

Did you know?

Small business is the target of 43% of all cybercrimes and 87% think that antivirus alone will protect them. You don’t want to become a cyber statistic.

Your protection layers

Layer 1

Endpoint management

Anti-virus and Patching were once your front-line defence. Unfortunately today it is no longer enough.

Layer 2

Perimeter defence

Firewalls, DNS filters, Anti-Spam, and Multi-Factor Authentication. Control who gets into your network and the websites your staff visit.

Layer 3

Team training

The only way to prevent social engineering and phishing attacks is with Security Awareness Training. This is your human firewall.

Layer 4

Backup and recovery

Businesses need to be able to recover quickly and not be held ransom should an incident occur.

Layer 5

Advanced monitoring

Know if your passwords are on the dark web, or if there as been a breach with affordable SIEM and SOC solutions. Artificial Intelligence does all the work and keeps the costs down.

Layer 6

Compliance and reporting

Understand the risks to your business and meet regulatory requirements, including security audits, penetration tests, and data breach notifications.

Response and remediation

Without a defined cyber security strategy, it may only be a matter of time before you, or a related organisation is impacted by a cyber event. Should the unthinkable occur, we can help with:

  • Rapid Response – should a security incident occur
  • Data Breach reports – to assist with compliance under the Australia’s Data Breach notification and Privacy legislation
  • We proactively call you with updates
Free guide

Is your business data for sale on the dark web?

You’ve probably never visited the dark web. Cyber bad guys get together there to exchange malware and viruses, stolen credentials, and leaked data. That could be dangerous to your business. Minimize your risk. Download our guide today to learn how!
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Your essential eight

No single mitigation strategy can guarantee prevention of cyber security incidents. However, we recommend adopting the strategies suggested by Australian Cyber Security Center as a minimum. This baseline, known as the Essential Eight, makes it much harder for hackers to compromise your systems.

Patch applications

Applications like Flash and Java also need to be patched to maintain security. This is not done automatically by your operating system.

Backup and restore

Data backup and data recovery are important parts of running a business. Even more important is to have a proper DR plan and test those backups!

User application hardening

Applications are often installed with default configurations with little regard to security. We’ll plug the holes.

Multi factor authentication

Utilise a mobile device to ensures that if your password gets stolen your data stays protected. Something you have + something you know means greater security.

Patch operating systems

Critical Security updates from Microsoft should be deployed within 48 hours.

Application whitelisting

Prevent any and all non-approved software from running on your computers.

Restrict administrator privileges

Apply security policies on your network to restrict administrative privileges. Examples: Deny or limit USB file storage access, enable enhanced password policies, set user screen timeouts and limit user access.

Block office macros

Office macros can be used to deliver malware to your systems. We restrict them to minimise your risk.

Our cyber security agreement

  1. No losing sleep
    Rest easy knowing your business data is protected
  2. No long term commitments
    We deliver great value and great service so customers stay with us
  3. No finger-pointing
    With 14+ years of experience, your IT security is in safe hands

"As a growing small business Greenlight has been there for us every step away. From ensuring we buy the right equipment & software to ongoing help desk support we simply could not have survived without their professional and courteous support. Thanks to David and all his team over the years. Here’s to the next 10yrs of partnering."

“We simply could not have survived without their professional.”

Your 3 easy steps to better IT security

Schedule a call

Have a conversation with our IT experts so we can understand you and your business

We assess your risk

Together we create an action plan to reinforce your defences

Get Protected

We ensure that IT security measures are in place to protect you and your business

Contact us to help protect your business.

Greenlight can help you build a road map to enable your cyber security in a very cost effective way.
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