Your World Recruitment – Customer Story

The Situation

Your World Recruitment is one of Australia’s leading medical recruitment agencies with a reputation for service excellence. They have an established international name and have rapidly grown their presence in the Australian market over the last 2 years. When Greenlight first started working with Your World Recruitment in 2009 they were a small company working with basic IT systems. They were feeling the pains of slow IT support (break fix) and lacking the efficiencies gained from higher level systems such as Microsoft Exchange server.

The Solution

Due to poor IT advice Your Would recruitment were using a pop email system that was not being backed up. They were lacking the advanced features they needed, such as shared calendars, flexibility in distribution lists, ability to set up new users quickly and the functionality to view each other’s mailbox. Greenlight deployed a Microsoft small business server 2008 to give the business full exchange functionality and an updated file server. The benefits were immediate and no more emails were lost.Greenlight was able to hone in on faulty cabling within the office that was causing intermittent phone and PC issues. Steps were made to rectify these issues resulting in network stability. Your World were using a consumer grade internet service and experiencing service dropouts and slow downs at peak times. Greenlight implemented a business grade service with high SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) which resulted in greatly improved internet stability. As a result, staff were able to work remotely with high reliability which was really important to the way they operated.Now comfortable knowing Greenlight are monitoring and maintaining their servers, backups and network, Your World were able to then focus on growing their business. Through constant proactive maintenance Your World has experienced high uptime and minimal disruption to the business.Due to the high attrition rate that is common in recruitment, Greenlight tailored a comprehensive support plan to cover the ever changing demands of the business which has allowed the business to stay incredibly agile. Your World felt comfortable knowing they have reliable responsive support that is always there.Your World Management deemed it necessary to monitor the staff web usage as it was suspected that some staff were not using their time efficiently. Greenlight implemented an advanced monitoring device which shows management the websites staff are visiting. Once Management had these reports they were able to discuss the results with staff and correct behaviours.

The Benefits

  • Business Email  – backed up email and advanced features such as shared calendars, distribution lists, and rapid mailbox management (for new and departing staff)
  • Internal Cabling  – resolving cabling issues provided Your World Recruitment with a much more reliable phone system and computer network
  • Internet Connection  – with internet blackouts resolved, Greenlight deployed a fast and reliable business internet service, allowing staff to conveniently work remotely when necessary
  • Proactive Maintenance – our RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) system delivered unprecedentedly high uptime, with minimal disruptions to the business
  • IT Support – Your World’s staff had peace of mind knowing that any IT issues could be resolved with a simple phone call or email– 24/7
  • Website Monitoring – the web surfing habits of staff were tracked and reported to management, allowing positive training to reduce the number of hours spent by staff on non-business related websites

Your World now have IT systems that are meeting the high business requirements and are receiving the high level of support that their business demands. To find out more about Your World Recruitment you can click here

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