Why Every Company Should Consider Co-Managed IT Services

You’ve always done it yourself. But now, things are coming to a head. You’ve stretched your IT department too thin, and you’re concerned about the level of service that they can offer to your expanding list of customers. Not only that, but you simply can’t afford the new equipment and staff you desperately need to properly service your clients. You’ve reached your breaking point. What do you do?Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Using co-managed IT services can get rid of the stress and expenses that arise when your IT department needs grow faster than you do. Unlike managed services, co-managed services offer all the benefits of managed services, but with fewer downsides. Here are seven great advantages to using co-managed IT services.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

Lower Equipment Costs

Paying for equipment, software, and remodelling costs are all major expenses that a business often bears when expanding its IT resources. However, when using co-managed services, the company running these services will be the one bearing these costs, meaning that you no longer have to make an expensive capital outlay to keep your IT department up to speed with your customer needs, according to inTechnology.

Lower Labour Costs

Using co-managed IT also allows you to reduce your labour costs, according to essent.com. Without a co-managed IT plan, you may end up having to hire additional specialised tech support and paying out the increased higher salaries. While training your own staff is an alternative, this would lead to your business having to foot the bill for training and certification. In addition, these newly trained IT staff members will struggle to cope with both their previous roles and IT demands. By using co-managed services, you’re relieved of the burden of having to either train or hire specialised IT staff, saving you money on labour costs.

Less Downtime and Risk

Using co-managed services allows you to reduce the downtime and the amount of risk that your IT department faces. By utilising a co-managed services provider, you will have available to you superior troubleshooting services. These providers have the experience to effectively solve complex issues or problems that crop up far more easily than in-house IT services, and are equipped with a specialised suite of tools that can also offer better solutions. In addition, they are often able to address potential problems before they can cause a negative effect on your business, reducing downtime for your business.

Better Efficiency

Co-managed IT services can provide better efficiency due to their concentration on IT. Unlike a business that has one or two in-house IT personnel, companies that offer co-managed solutions have far more experience and knowledge in the IT business. They have worked out the best practices and their specialisation results in less time wasted and more productive employees, meaning that tasks get done far more quickly and efficiently than if they were done in-house by your business, according to Essential Link.

Better for the Environment

Guess what? Using co-managed IT services are actually better for the environment. Because of the centralised nature of co-managed IT services, your business saves on expensive energy costs that it would have incurred from running the necessary equipment. This also means that you utilise less fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint.

Customization and Control

Co-managed IT services offer all the benefits of ordinary managed services, but with a higher level of customization and control, according to the Utility Company. Co-managed IT allows IT departments to extend their capabilities through partnerships to shore up key areas of service and support, while in turn being able to have a high level of customization and control over the entire process. As a result, co-managed IT service users get the best of both worlds – the benefits of using managed services but the choice of a far higher level of input and transparency.

Better Focus

Your co-managed IT service provider will allow you to concentrate on your most important area – your business! Instead of having to worry about IT needs, a co-managed IT service provider will take care of those worries for you, even more efficiently and effectively than you possibly could. With a real “fix it and forget it” approach, your service provider will take all of the stress and technical details while you concentrate on more important aspects of your business.Using co-managed IT services is a great way to increase the efficiency and productivity of your IT service department without putting a big strain on your budget, and can actually end up saving you money in the long run. By speaking to a company that offers co-managed IT services, you too can release the strain on your overburdened IT department and raise the standards of your IT services.Still got your attention? Get in touch and we'll be happy to provide you with an overview of how we could help your business.

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