What is Dropbox smart sync and what can it do for me?

It wasn’t that long ago that the office was the only place to access your company files, projects and see progress on collaborative documents. Then, mobile changed everything, and the only obstacle to working remotely was having access to this data. With the advent of cloud computing, what may have been deemed impossible only a few short years ago is now quite common. Having your files synchronized and available to access, edit and share at anytime, and on any device – that’s what it’s all about.

An essential tool with many features and benefits

Dropbox has become an essential tool for most people, and not just remote workers. Being able to work on a file at the office, and then later, work on it some more at home, not only saves time but allows you to act when inspiration strikes. Simply save to Dropbox, and you’ve made it available for yourself or other team members to access at any time.The solution everyone want’s but hasn’t been available until now is:

  • accessing all the company files from anywhere without having to use a cumbersome and slow VPN.
  • Have all the company files they need on the local machine without filling up the hard disk.
  • Being able to collaborate with co-workers on documents without having to move files around or constantly send attachments.

Who is Dropbox Smart sync for?

Dropbox smart sync is designed to meet the modern business demands. So how does Smart sync help? In a nut shell you can see all files on your laptop or desktop no mater how many files there are or how limited your hard drive space is. As you open files they are synced to your computer on demand. Frequent folders and files are kept on your computer ready for offline access or imitate access no VPN, moving files from your desktop and back to the corporate drive or email attachments required.

Dropbox Smart Sync and other business features

Full Visibility: Each user can see all files they have access to.Offline access: frequently used folders and files are ready when you need them.Data encryption: files are encrypted in transit so that they can’t be accessed by any unauthorized source.LAN syncing: enabling LAN sync allows you to increase the speed at which your files sync as long as you are connect to the local network. This can represent a dramatic difference in upload times, and great if you are syncing rich media files.Access and restore deleted files: another great feature, especially if you are working in teams, is that if you or another person accidentally deletes a file, it is still accessible for up to 30 days.File collaboration with Microsoft applications: Dropbox allows you to collaborate on Microsoft office files in real-time, always updating to the most recent version. Other file types don’t have the real-time feature, which may present a problem if two people are trying to work on a file at the same time.

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