Infographic: Preventable Office Injury Costs Are Flying Under Your Radar

Let's say you're going on a road trip with your family over the weekend. Maybe you're going to a winery, or just a beach resort to unwind from the daily stress of work. You want your family to stay safe, so you make sure to take all the necessary precautions when it comes to your car--Spare tire? Check. Oil and water? Check. Inflated tires? Check.But what about your body? Unlike your car, your body is subjected to--Daily repetition. Check. Poor posture. Check. Physical stress. Check.But it happens EVERY DAY. You're slouched over your desk, your hands and back in unnatural position. As humans, we were meant to stand, to run, to jump. We work approximately 2,000 hours a year, and a report by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation found that 75% of that time is spent in a sedentary position. That's 1,500 hours a year spent in a position for which we are not DESIGNED.2,920 hours sleeping 2,000 hours working 1,500 hours sitting"Prolonged sitting is a risk factor for poor health and early death, even among those who meet, or exceed, national physical activity guidelines" - Griffiths, K.L ‘Reducing prolonged sitting in the workplace’, Absence Management, Victorian Health FoundationCosts to Your Bottom LineExercising at least 30 minutes a day certainly helps, but it does not mitigate for all the sitting we do. Not only that, but excessive periods of sitting are also strongly correlated with an increased risk of mental health risks.Preventable office injuries account for 44% of compensation claims, which average around $7,400 per case. Furthermore, these disorders impact your bottom line-- accounting for 15-22% of sick leave taken by employees, also impacting productivity, morale and general wellbeing.So what can you do about it? Maybe you have an ergonomic gel stand for your 'mouse hand', or a fancy ergonomic keyboard. It's a start, but you need to make sure that you - and your employees - are protected from the sorts of physical damage that can incapacitate staff, and cost YOUR business a lot of money.Here is a little graphic to show you the risks and impacts of preventable office injuries, as well as some simple tips to follow.


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