Bass Strait Transport – Customer Story

The Situation

Bass Strait Transport are a leading independent transport company who move a large amount of freight between mainland Australia and Tasmania. Bass Strait Transport (BST) have some critical line of business applications which operate off a Windows Terminal Server. When Greenlight first started looking after BST’s IT, the first point off call was to fix the extremely slow terminal server which was impacting the whole business. BST’s previous IT provider had also left  large gaps in their disaster recovery plan which needed to be addressed. The Solution Due to oversights and incorrect implementation the terminal server was performing extremely slowly. The Greenlight ITC Microsoft team was quickly able to restructure and resolve these performance issues, including optimising the antivirus which was eating up most of the system resources. BST are now more comfortable knowing their systems and backups are constantly being monitored and proactively maintained. In order to continue to keep BST running efficiently a custom support plan was created and adopted to manage all avenues of requirements from level 1-3 helpdesk, proactive server maintenance and detailed reporting. Having one point of contact for IT related issues made life a lot easier for the directors and users of BST.A more complete disaster recovery was implemented including full daily backups both on and offsite, which have successfully been used to restore data when required.

The Benefits

  • Terminal Server – understanding what was slowing down BST’s terminal server allowed Greenlight to rectify the issue, and optimise its configuration
  • Proactive Maintenance – using our RMM (Remote Management and Maintenance) platform, and establishing a disaster recovery plan with frequent backups gave BST peace of mind their valuable client data was safe
  • Single IT Contact – by trusting Greenlight with all its technology needs, BST were comfortable knowing we took on full responsibility for all their infrastructurey

BST now have IT systems that are meeting their complex business requirements and their expectations have been exceeded. BST have all the benefits of a large internal IT team however they are receiving the cost savings and specialised technical proficiency of outsourcing. To find out more about Bass Strait Transport you can click here

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