Antivirus Tips for Business Owners


You wouldn't leave the front door of your business unlocked, would you? In fact, you probably have a security system, one that’s responsive and that you trust will take care of your office and all of the equipment stored there. Likewise, getting proper antivirus protection is necessary to have a decent level of security for your business to protect your data from theft or loss.With 30% of malware attacks focusing on small businesses, keeping your computer systems safe is something that must be on every business owner’s mind. While most people have personal antivirus protection, there are different considerations when it comes to virus protection for businesses. Most of the free antivirus program that will probably serve just fine for you simply don’t cut it when it comes to protecting your business. Here are the antivirus tips for business owners we wish everyone took just a lot more seriously!

Low footprint

It’s important that your antivirus program doesn't put a strain on your computer resources. One big issue with some antivirus software packages is that they slow up your computer system carrying out important functions such as virus scanning. This is so distracting that it’s estimated that up to 50% of people turn off their antivirus protection in order to get their computer to perform at decent levels. Of course, this then opens the computer up to the same security issues that they were trying to avoid. Before buying antivirus software, check the guidelines or research the minimum and recommended requirements for optimal performance. In addition, there are some cloud based solutions that will allow you powerful antivirus protection without using up precious computer resources, so it may be worth looking into these cloud based antivirus program.


The feedback and reviews on the performance of the antivirus software will give you an idea on how well the antivirus software will work for you. The number of downloads and the comments about the various antivirus packages will often give a decent idea as to how well the software performs and any noticeable shortcomings. Also, ensure that the software you use is from a reputable source as many antivirus programs are actually malware in disguise.

360 Security

A complete and holistic approach to security is important to have for any business antivirus security. The best antivirus packages provide more security besides scanning your computer files for viruses. For example firewall protection, scanning of emails and checking whether internet sites are safe are all important components of a great antivirus program.

Multi-user licensing

Since you’re running a business, you probably have a number of different computer systems for yourself and staff. Of course, it’s important that every single system is protected by antivirus software. While personal software usually comes with limited licensing, business packages will allow for multiuser licensing that will allow you to protect multiple computers by paying a fee for additional systems. When considering multi-user licensing, it’s important to consider which package best suits your needs both in terms of protection and finances.


As a business owner, it’s important to be able to decide what settings that you’d like to put in place when it comes to antivirus security. The last thing you want happening is for an employee to turn off or remove the software for one reason or another, exposing your entire system! Ensure that your antivirus programme allows you the freedom to install and operate on multiple systems and that you can manage settings from one central location.Protecting your computer systems from antivirus attack is as important as keeping them physically safe from theft or destruction. As a business owner, your best bet is to use a business antivirus security package that will offer more protection than a personal package. By taking into consideration the issues above, you will be able to best figure out the right antivirus software package for you, keeping your business safe and running smoothly. If you think your business may be at risk of viruses, malware, or malicious hackers, get in touch with us for a no obligation consultation.

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