5 Ways to Increase Website Conversions


Numbers aren’t everything. And for the hard working business that does their best to drive traffic to their website, the fact that the number of visitors doesn’t necessarily lead to an increase in sales quickly becomes obvious. The question is, how do you turn visitors who may quickly browse your page into dedicated customers?  If you need to increase your conversion rate and ensure that your visitors purchase from your website, here are five easy tips to help you do so:

1. Reduce your page load time

The time that it takes for your webpage to load has a huge impact on how well your customers convert. For example, one study on website load time’s impact on customer conversion showed that for every second that your website takes to load, there’s a corresponding 7% decrease in conversions.  With customers expecting a quick response and there often being other websites that offer similar products, it’s all too easy for visitors to leave your website for one that offers the quick loading times that they are expecting. By getting rid of unnecessary features that slow down your website loading speed, you’ll be able to increase your customer’s satisfaction and strengthen the likelihood that they stay on your website and convert.

2. Create an easy to use website

A website that’s well laid out and easy to navigate is guaranteed to increase your visitor conversions. A confusing or difficult to use website will quickly ward off potential customers, confusing them and leading them to abandon your website for that of competitors. Instead, ensure that visitors can quickly and intuitively locate the information that they need, and that it’s clear and easy for them to make a purchase or contact you for further information.

3. Highlight your unique selling position

Visitors to your website should always be able to clearly identify something that differentiates your website and business from others that offer similar products or services. By focusing on your Unique Selling Point, or USP, you should be able to offer potential customers a clear and compelling reason why they should buy from you instead of everyone else. While you may not be able to immediately identify your USP, almost every business has something that separates them from their competition. Whatever it is, ensure that your USP is clearly communicated to every person that visits your website.

4. Display powerful testimonials

Having powerful user testimonials is another way to increase the likelihood of visitors converting. By providing genuine testimonials of other customers who have used and enjoyed your product, you are decreasing the anxiety that new customers have about purchasing a new product or service. Testimonials build trust with other potential customers, and gives them peace of mind that your business will provide the results that you promised, meaning that your customers will receive their money’s worth.

5. Clear call to action

A good, clear call to action is another useful tool in converting visitors into customers. A call to action is a clear instruction to visitors that encourages them to take a particular action, usually one that will lead to a sale for your business. In order to construct a good call to action, ensure that it’s placed so that the maximum number of visitors will see it, have strong copy that will catch your reader’s attention, and make it clear exactly what your visitor will be receiving if they do complete the requested action and why this will result in a benefit for them.Turning your visitors into customers is the end goal of every website. Unfortunately, increasing website conversions successfully  is far more complicated than simply adding flashy graphics or descriptions of the products or services that you offer. Every website could use help with their customer conversion – contact Greenlight ITC for expert advice on how to turn casual visitors into satisfied customers today.

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