10 Ways Windows 10 Improves Your Business this 2020

With Microsoft ending its support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, the end of life period for the OS is officially upon us.

The end of life forWindows 7 means no more bug fixes, patches, updates, functionalityimprovements, or security updates. For a small to medium-sized business, itmeans you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks.

Besides security, italso means you aren’t experiencing the highest quality workflow that yourbusiness needs to function at its best. There are many benefits of Windows 10,and in this article, we’re explaining the many reasons why you should upgrade.

10 Reasons to Upgrade FromWindows 7 to Windows 10

Here are the ten mostimportant reasons you should move on past Windows 7 to Windows 10.

1. Security

Windows 10 comes equipped with the Secure Boot feature that Windows 8 users are familiar with. They’ve made some improvements to it to make it even more secure. Unlike with Windows 8, you can no longer bypass this feature. They’ve also included security features such as Device Guard, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Passport.

BitLocker also helps employees manage many different logins with smart alerts and notifications if something doesn’t seem right. There are automatic blocking protocols as well that take security out of the hands of the user and put it into the hands of the operating system.

2. Rolling Updates

Since the beginning oftime, Microsoft has always charged its users for upgrades that have led us downthis endless path of always waiting for the next one. We’ve moved from WindowsXP to Windows 7, then 8, and then back to 7.

Some experts believethat Windows 10 will be the last operating system we use due to rollingupdates. They’re treating this more as a “software as a service,” so upgradeswill continually get rolled out automatically depending on which package youhave.

3. Improved Scalability

Instead of having topurchase a number of software licenses for all your users, Microsoft is movingto a subscription-based model. This helps improve the scalability of yourbusiness because you can increase your package as the business need grows.

This point helps in avariety of ways. It helps improve security while also keeping operating costsin an understandable range. The business can avoid the staggering upfront costof acquiring staff because there is no need to purchase a new license each timea new employee comes on board.

4. Speed and Performance

Speed is a huge factorfor many businesses as our attention spans get shorter, yet we continue to tryand squeeze more into a workday. Compared to Windows 7, the speed of startup isincredibly fast. With DirectX 12, this 3D engine helps improve speed andperformance by beefing the OS up to handle more.

5. Cross-Platform

With more and moreemployees taking their work home with them, it’s important that the operatingsystem function well across all devices. Workers are switching from mobile todesktop to tablets throughout the day, and everything must look the same and displayproperly across these devices.

Windows 10 allows you toeasily transition between devices even when you’re working on a single file.The timeline feature also helps by allowing you to scroll back through a listof files to easily locate previous information so you can quickly pull it backup.

There is also a file ondemand section that takes the data from the computer storage and moves them toOneDrive. Here you can pull them back up at any time without slowing down theprocessing speed of the computer.

6. Action Centers

As with everything elsein this world, we need notifications of everything that is going on. Windows 10provides that for you. The Action Center on Windows 10 will notify you when youreceive an email, a message from one of your apps, or if there was a recentupdate to the system.

Something we like a lotabout Windows 10 is these updates aren’t intrusive, and you can turn them offusing focus mode. Most of the time, you only receive the notifications thatmatter to you, and the rest seem to blend into the background.

7. Microsoft Edge

While most of us areloyal to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge provides a fresh alternative to thedated Internet Explorer. This browser offers new features like webpage markupand reading mode. We’ve also noticed that Edge is less demanding on yourbattery than Chrome.

In the coming years,Edge will get replaced by the Chromium Browser, but we hope that it keeps a lotof the useful and unique features of Microsoft Edge. 

8. End of Support

With the end of Windows7 comes the end of support and warranty claims. If you’re currently usingWindows 7 in your business, you’re leaving yourself wide open to security andworkflow problems.

Since Microsoft is nolonger updating or applying patches to Windows 7, you’re not receiving anycybersecurity protection, and Microsoft will no longer back up any warrantyissues you have associated with the Operating System. For that reason alone, itis time to upgrade to Windows 10.

9. On-Demand Syncing

We’re in the age ofcloud storage, and it will dramatically improve your workflow whenappropriately implemented. Windows 10 helps you with this using the Files onDemand option.

This standard desktopfolder allows you to access files from OneDrive, and you can access themremotely from anywhere as long as your work computer is on. This feature isexcellent for companies that allow remote work or “work from home” options.

10. Nearby Sharing

We love the fact thatyou can send photos or documents using Bluetooth and without the need for aninternet connection. If you need to get a file moved to another device quickly,you can share it using the nearby sharing app. We only hope that they will soonadd this feature to mobile because that would improve the star power of thisfeature.

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