10 Crucial Apps That can 10x Your Windows 10 Performance

Many new apps will help increase your productivity and make getting the job done a bit easier. But not all of them still roll out support for Windows 7. Having checked the Windows app store, their minimum requirement is that your operating system run Windows 10.

Regardless of what business you’re in, you’ll find a useful Windows 10 app that you can’t use on Windows 7. Here are some of our top picks!

1. Myki

Myki logo and Link to the Microsoft Store

Myki keeps your passwords and other sensitive data safe and secure. It’s an offline password manager with the convenience of a cloud-connected one. You can store and sync your data with all Myki-enabled devices. Some of the bonuses of this are:

  • More secure than the cloud
  • Seamlessly sync P2P devices
  • No master password

2. Microsoft To Do List

Microsoft To Do List Logo and Link to Microsoft Store

With Microsoft To Do List, you can plan out each day using intelligent and personalized suggestions to optimize your daily to-dos. No matter where you are, you can capture and retrieve lists across all your devices so you can stay organized at home, at work, or on the move.

If you need to shareyour to-do list with someone, you can do that easily with the share list ofcolleagues, friends, and family. Best of all, Microsoft To Do List sends youreminders of due dates and particular tasks you need to complete, so you nevermiss anything.

3. Whatsapp for Windows

Whatsapp Logo and Link to Microsoft Store

Whatsapp for Windows 10 allows you to sync all of your chats so you can communicate with whoever you want wherever you want. Whatsapp Business is also available to help manage tasks, delegate work, and keep an organized team.

4. PDF Reader

PDF Reader Logo and Link to Microsoft Store

With this, you can read, annotate, and share PDF documents on your computer and smartphone. It’s important to have a secure platform when dealing with sensitive information, and Adobe provides that. You can mark up, write, add comments, export, share, and organize documents from anywhere.

5. Animotica Movie Maker Video Editor

Animotica Logo and Link to Microsoft Store

If your business relies on video content marketing, you’ll want to have the Animotica app for Windows 10. This app has an easy to use video editor, movie maker, and slideshow video maker. You can do simple tasks like split and trim video and audio while also handling more complex jobs like voiceovers, transitions, and Chroma key effects.

6. Get Working Hours Time Tracker

Get Working Hours logo and Link to Microsoft Store

It’s simple to track your work hours, organize, and analyze them using this Windows 10 tool. It's a cross-platform tool, so it works on PC and smartphone no matter what you have. You can start and stop work time while also assigning tasks, marking them complete, and switching jobs around as you go. It’s compatible with calendars and Cortana as well.

7. Microsoft Your Phone

Your Phone allows users to link their Android phones and PC. You can view and reply to texts, access apps, and receive notifications to your desktop from your phone. The app even allows you to make phone calls and transfer them between devices.

8. One Calendar

One Calendar is the mostpopular app to view all your calendars, whether it be Google, Live, Outlook,iCloud, Exchange, Office365, or Facebook. It integrates all the calendarstogether to make it easier to manage appointments, meetings, and job tasks.

9. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is the ultimate digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across all your devices. You can write down ideas, take notes, and make to-do lists all while you sync everything with your calendar from the Windows 10 desktop.

It’s easy to searchprevious notes and access old information as well using OneNote. Nothing youever write down is lost, and you can easily check off boxes on your to-do listas you go through your day.

10. Trello

Trello Logo and Link to Microsoft Store

Trello makes managing your day to day tasks that much easier. You can get an overview of what you need to accomplish each week and create cards for each job. Easily add employees and other team members to the cards to track their work progress. Using the global shortcut, you can access your Trello cards from anywhere.

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