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Rethink your business

For your business, there might just be the one practical outcome from the Covid-19 pandemic affecting us all. In most cases, it has forced us to rethink the way we operate our businesses. While the technology has been with us for some time, now, more than ever, is the time to adapt. We call this Digital Transformation.  Lets put in systems that ensure your business not just survives, but thrives well into the future.

Five ways to enable your remote team

Microsoft 365 + MFA

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) is the building block of the cloud revolution. It so much more than just a new version of the familiar desktop applications. It allows true remote collaboration including the ability for multiple people to work on the same document all at the same time. However, to keep you secure, we need to go one step further and add Multi-Factor Authentication to keep your data secure

Email, office applications, file sharing, and more

Needs the additional security from MFA

Save money by applying the right licenses


How to manage your remote workforce

Our latest guide offers strategies to help managers encourage collaboration, improve productivity, and increase employee engagement. Download now for free!

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate like never before. Teams comes bundled with most 365 plans and will change the way you work. Build shared work spaces that embed documents, spreadsheets, and third party applications to improve your workflow.

Individual and group chats

Share document edit in real time

Video conferencing

Screen sharing

did you know?


SharePoint + Cloud Backups

Who needs a file server anyway? Why fumble around with complex VPN configurations when we can take all that pain away? By using SharePoint, you will never have to worry about buying another file server, or how much storage you have left. It scales with your business. We even have a backup solution that keeps copies of your files forever for a very low cost.

Replaces your file server

Supports individual and group permissions

Scales with your business

Low cost infinite backups

Remote Desktop + Apps

The last piece of the IT puzzle. How do you make your business applications accessible in a securefast, and easy to use way? The answer is remote desktop services. Your team essentially remote control a computer in a secure data centre. In many cases they won’t even notice the difference. There is also the added bonus of the infrastructure having in built redundancy and backups so you are always online.

Supports any Microsoft Windows application

Secure, fast, and always on-line

Private and public cloud options

Server backups included

Hosted PABX

Mobile phones are great, but sometimes you need a way for customers to call your team from a single number. Or you might want to report on who is taking or making the most calls. This is where a hosted PABX in the cloud comes in. You get a regular handset that plugs into your internet connection. Then you can start making calls. It really is that simple.

Full PABX functionality

Works over NBN internet connections

Physical handset or softphone options

Call reports and click to call

Low monthly cost

Empower your business through technology

Love your customers

Communicate with your customers in new and better ways

Accelerate delivery of new products and services

Automate processes and improve your customers’ experience

Enable your staff

Gain access to our team of IT experts who deeply understand your business

Simplify your IT and remove any technology bottlenecks

Empower your team to create more value for your customers

Optimise your operations

Reduce operating costs by right-sizing resources and systems

Gain strategic guidance from our vCIO service and drive efficiencies

Leverage our industry specific expertise and maximise your ROI

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Your 3 easy steps to unleashing your remote workforce

Step 1

Schedule a call

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Step 2

We create a plan

Together we create an action plan to remove the barriers preventing you achieving your goals

Step 3

Implement together

We build a long lasting relationship and ensure that IT is a catalyst for your business success

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