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If you run a Recruitment Business, then we know that you need to keep your IT systems running. You need to source candidates, manage payroll, and invoice your clients. We know you work long hours, and on tight deadlines, and you can’t afford downtime.


Keep your client data in communications confidential. We take a multi-layered approach that won’t cost the earth.

Candidate Management

Track and manage your candidates with integrated and unified communications solutions.

Increased Productivity

An idle consultant costs money. We’ll also show your team how to collaborate better, and work from anywhere at any time, and generate revenue.

Some of the vendors we support every day

Who you’re working with matters

Your candidates will interact with your technology platform each and every day. You need to hold telephone and video interviews, share documents, and collaborate with colleagues. These technology interactions drive customer perception of your firm. Greenlight will ensure their perception is your reality.

How can our
Recruitment IT Solutions
help you?

Candidate management software migrations

Document management solutions

CRM/Telephony integration

IT policy documentation

Reduce IT expenditure

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