A Quick Guide to Google Apps

A Quick Guide to Google Apps

A Quick Guide to Google Apps 150 150 Greenlight Managed IT Support Services | Sydney | Melbourne

google-appsProductivity is an important part of any organization’s effective functioning. With people expecting information almost instantaneously, the importance of collaboration and sharing of information has come into view more sharply now than ever. Thanks to a number of technologies that harness the cloud, companies are finally able to reach their maximum efficiency. One of these technologies is Google Apps, a suite of software tailored to increasing productivity in organisations

Overview of Google Apps

Google Apps is a portfolio of different tools and applications that have been tailored for business use. Since Google Apps uses the cloud, there is no need to install any software on your computer, and you can access these applications wherever or on whatever device you have an internet connection.

Google Apps Main Features

Google Apps Gmail – Probably the most well-known of Google Apps offerings is Gmail. With 25 GB of space provided with a paid Apps account, there’s plenty of room to store all your information. Also, the conversations within your inbox come threaded, allowing for easier tracking of multi-party exchanges.

  • Google Presentations – This tool is allows you to create presentations, with the ability to use image and videos and add drawings or rich tables to your presentation. In addition, users can also collect and share team feedback quickly, and your presentation can instantly be published online.
  • Google Sites – This tool is used for website building, and allows you to create your own website. You can create a website that exists in your Google apps domain that can be easily edited by others, and of course has integration with other Google Apps such as Gmail and Google Docs.
  • Google Apps Calendar – Google Apps Calendar allows employees and businesses to share information on appointments, important events, dates, and other related information in real time. A useful tool for scheduling group events, it allows users to sync their information for easier management.
  • Google Voice – Google voice is Google’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) programme. In addition to basic calls, Google Voice also has transcription features to allow users to make voice to text recordings, and also allows you to share messages and can make personalised greetings.
  • Google Docs – Another well-known productivity app, Google Docs allows users to collaborate on their word processing tool in order to make real time changes to s single document. There’s no need for frequent refreshing or saving since Google Docs does this automatically.
  • Google Pack – The Google Pack is basically the basic starter kit of for business needs, comprising many from the Google family of products. It includes products such as the Google Chrome Browser, Google Apps, the Spyware Doctor and Anti-Virus, as well as other non-Google applications such as Adobe Reader and Skype
  • Google Spreadsheets – Google Spreadsheets is a great tool if you’re looking for basic spreadsheet function. For example, there’s easy compatibility with Excel

Other features of Google apps

Similar to other productivity suites such as Office 365, you can request your own personal domain name or use your own, through which you can manage your information such as email addresses. Of course, with many people already using some of the Google Apps suite of products such as Gmail, access to Google Apps is made even simpler.

With Google Apps being a popular and useful tool that can assist with increasing productivity within your business, this may be the solution for you in getting your workforce more effective and efficient. Contact us for a free quote on how we can help your team to move to Google Apps and leverage their powerful suite of products today.