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Our Process

ellingtopn-savage“Finding a reliable and trustworthy IT partner is always a challenge> and I am pleased to say we have found one in Greenlight. In the time Greenlight has worked with us; our systems performance has improved, downtime has become virtually non-existent, and our running costs have actually decreased ”

– Geoff Hicken, CFO Ellington Savage

Expand Your Horizons with our Technology Process

There may be thousands of IT companies in Australia, and many are quite capable of fixing common IT issues.  So when all providers charge roughly the same, how do you decide which provider is right for you?

We believe it is our Business Technology Process that makes all the difference.  We have spent 10+ years refining how we can make a positive impact on the way you run your business.

1. We ensure we are the right fit for You

Our team are trained to specialise in a limited number of industries, and we only take on customers when we know we will add value to their business.  So if we are not a good fit, we will happily point you in the right direction.

2. We take onboarding very seriously

From the first day you join us, we want our customers feel like that we have been supporting you for years.  It takes a lot of work to fully document your setup and plan to ensure a seamless transition.  If you are transitioning from internal IT, or another IT provider, we have systems in place to make sure that nothing gets overlooked.


3. Your own dedicated specialist team

We never want to lose that personal touch so we keep it small where it counts. Every customer has their own dedicated 4 to 5 person team, who knows your systems inside and out.  It won’t take long for your team to build a relationship with every one of our engineers.

4. Quarterly Business Reviews that add value

Most of our competitors will review their SLAs and performance metrics.  We’d rather make it about you.  We’ll show you how technology can improve your processes, reduce your risks, and have a positive effect on your bottom line.


5. Project Management Methodology

Updating IT systems requires a plan so that we don’t impact your business with down time. We use a mixture of PMBOK and Agile, depending on the project, and keep you in the loop aong the way.

6. Client Communication is Everything

Many customers use our mobile app to book requests, view, and escalate tickets, but you can also reach out to us by phone, email, and online chat. Everything is tracked so that nothing falls through the cracks. Constant communication with our customers is the core of our DNA.