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Legal IT Support

ellingtopn-savage“Finding a reliable and trustworthy IT partner is always a challenge> and I am pleased to say we have found one in Greenlight. In the time Greenlight has worked with us; our systems performance has improved, downtime has become virtually non-existent, and our running costs have actually decreased ”

– Geoff Hicken, CFO Ellington Savage

You Manage the Precedents.
We’ll provide Proactive support.

If you administer a legal practice, you are rely on technology every day.   You need to find customers, securely manage documents, keep your clients updated, and keep track of billable hours.  We know you work long hours, or even 24×7.

We do more than just fix your IT when it breaks. We help legal practices with strategic management to give you that competitive advantage.

Some of the Software packages we support every day:

  • LEAP
  • BHL Insight

We understand that the Legal Industry has its own unique IT challenges:


Malware or data loss can cause irreparable damage to your practice.  Your reputation, and ability to keep the doors open are at stake.  Our focus is always on prevention, but we also use only the most trusted backup and disaster recovery solutions to get you up and running fast.  Within an hour, anywhere, should the worst happen.  If you don’t already have a disaster recovery plan in place, it is time to give us a call to show you how easy it is to mitigate this risk.


We know it takes a lot of capital to set up and run a successful practice.  We also know the cost to your business should you lose documents and not be able to service clients.  We will guide you with cost effective solutions to keep your doors open and help with your IT budget. We provide unlimited remote support for a flat monthly fee.


An Idle solicitor is costing your business money.  We’ll proactively maintain your systems to virtually eliminate downtime.  We’ll also show your team how to collaborate better, and work from anywhere at any time, and generate more billable hours.

Client Relations

Your clients will interact with your technology platform each and every day. You need to share documents, collaborate with colleagues, and even hold telephone and video conferences. These technology interactions drive customer perception of your firm.

With Greenlight, we’ll show you how the right technology will make your Practice more profitable.