Improve your bottom line with the Cloud
We help you increase productivity (and maybe save you a few dollars along the way)

Increase productivity and collaboration

If you’re a bit confused by all this talk about cloud computing let us help you understand what it can do for your business. What if all of your team could instantly access all the applications and files from wherever they are, on any device, 24 hours a day. And imagine being able to scale up and down these tools, and only having to pay for what you need, exactly when you need them.

Get your business advantage from the cloud

Web applications

Use a born in the cloud web application straight from your browser. Think Office 365 or Dropbox.

Virtual migration

Take a copy your existing server and run it in the cloud, or go hybrid, the choice is yours.


Relocate your existing servers to a data centre. Improve physical security and internet connectivity.

Remote Desktops

Implement virtual desktops to maximise your security and access to your applications.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a more affordable, more efficient, and easier way to manage your company’s servers, data, and software. Greenlight provides a way for small and medium-sized businesses to streamline their daily operations while we handle the setup and maintenance. We can help you with everything cloud.

Migrate your emails and contacts to Office 365

Upload your files to SharePoint or Dropbox and get rid of your file server

Move your company database to a cloud server

Implement remote desktops

Deploy collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams

How do we help you manage a cloud migration?

First, we dig deep to understand your business.


We talk to your team so we understand how they use your systems


We investigate what infrastructure you have in place and review the most cost effective options in the cloud


We look at your current workflows and processes. We help you put in solutions that make the process seamless

Your team of experts

Our team of Microsoft Certified cloud migration experts will guide you on your cloud journey. We’ll create a migration strategy, and implement it without disrupting your day to day business. We’ll then provide ongoing support to ensure everything works seamlessly after the migration.

Microsoft Certified Team

14+ years experience

Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Services Provider status


5 Reasons Your Business Needs Microsoft 365 Today

If you’ve been putting off the switch to Microsoft 365 because you “already have Office”, we’ll break down the benefits, what they mean, and what you’ve been missing out on.

Our managed cloud agreement


No more waiting

Our proactive communication keeps you meeting your business goals


No long term commitments

We deliver great value and great service so customers stay with us


No excuses

With 14+ years of experience, your IT is in safe hands

Trusted be over 300 amazing clients that love what we do

3 steps to increasing productivity with the cloud

Step 1

Schedule a call

Have a conversation with our IT experts so we can understand you and your business

Step 2

We create a plan

Together we create an action plan to move you to the cloud

Step 3

Get Results

We build a long lasting relationship and ensure that IT is a catalyst for your business success

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