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Regain confidence that ALL your business data is fully protected

We go the extra mile with your backups

You probably think that all your business data is always backed up, and that you can recover it all in an instant. Then disaster strikes, and you find out this may not be the case. Are you 100% confident that you could recover all your files should the unthinkable happen? Or even know how long it would take? Greenlight goes that one step further to make sure your data is safe.

The problem with regular backups

Your data is everywhere, and critical to your business. The cloud makes it even more complicated. Cloud services are highly available, but typically backups are not included. There also are a whole lot of other problems with the way the IT industry typically does backups.

Not everything gets backed up (but we assume it is)

Can take days to restore and recover

Doesn’t meet any compliance requirements

Backups never get tested, can get corrupted, or even lost

There is no disaster recovery plan

Top causes of data loss

  • Hardware failure
  • Human error
  • Software corruuption
  • Theft
  • Viruses & malware
  • Hardware destruction
Source: David M. Smith, Pepperdine University, 2020

The Greenlight bulletproof backup solution

There is a better way. With a bit of planning and the right tools, we can protect all your data no matter where it is. We have cost effective solutions to reliably backup onsite and to the cloud. We can protect:

On premises file and application servers

All Microsoft Office 365, including SharePoint Online and Teams

Desktop and laptop hard drives

Google G Suite email and Google Drive

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We do disaster recovery simulations

We takes no chances when it comes to your business data. As part of out total backup and disaster recovery solution, we will document a disaster recovery plan, then test and refine it on a yearly basis. Just like a running fire drill in your office, you need to know that you data is safe, and how long before you are back in business.

We help you with documenting your recovery plan

Test your plan, using your backups

Refine and improve your recovery processes


Business Continuity Planning - Always Be Prepared

Business downtime can be disastrous. This guide examines what a business continuity plan can offer. Download now for free!

Empower your business through technology

Advanced protection

Military grade encryption

Geo-redundant data centres in Australia

Detects and defends against cryotolocker ransomware

Automatic verification + immunity to backup chain corruption

Back to business: Fast

Servers up and running in minutes, instead of hours or days

Run your servers in the cloud for 30 days at no additional cost

Leverage our industry specific expertise and reduce your costs

Compliance and testing

Daily backup monitoring and verification

Meet your compliance and data retention requirements

Documented disaster recovery plans

Regular disaster recovery tests

Options for infinite retention

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Your 3 easy steps to protecting all your business data

Step 1

Schedule a call

Have a conversation with our IT experts so we can understand you and your business

Step 2

We create a plan

Together we create an action plan and identify your data retention requirements

Step 3

Implement together

We ensure that you know where you data is, and that you can be back in business fast

I don’t want to risk losing any of my business data!

Greenlight can help you understand your backup and disaster recovery options so you can rest assured that all your data is safe.

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