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Command recruitment

Command recruitment needed a new IT system

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Richmond FC kicks goals with security

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Parkhill Freeman

Consulting engineers get an upgrade

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How a chicken farm saved 1500 hours in lost productivity

When Proten moved to SharePoint, they saw massive productivity gains with remote file sharing

Sharing files from sites with poor internet connectivity has always been a problem for one of Australia’s leading chicken farms.

The Situation

Proten owns and operates 36 broiler chicken farms across Australia, representing approximately 17% of our annual broiler chicken production.

All of these farms need to communicate securely with the Head Office in order to provide operational information and ensure all business data is backed up. This was achieved with a secure VPN solution.

In early 2020, Proten called on it’s long-time IT support partner Greenlight ITC to investigate issues with the speed of access from many of the remote farm sites. An internal audit showed that day-to-day operations over the secure VPN could take significant time to complete, resulting in inefficient and dissatisfied farm staff.

An investigation showed that the higher latency satellite NBN connections were introducing a delay in VPN negotiation, causing the user to notice significant delays in opening and saving files. Due to the latency being a result of the satellite technology in use, there was no way to directly resolve the issue under the current design.


Industry: Agribusiness

Cities: Sydney, Regional NSW

Challenge: To dramatically improve the speed of remote file sharing.

Services: Managed IT Services and Backup


  • Faster file sharing
  • Improved productivity and security
  • Easy remote access for employees
  • Improved workflow

“Proten wishes to thank Joel, Sorwar and all the other techs who assisted in their Sharepoint change – It was extremely smooth and well planned with zero issues (other than staff impatience as they waited their turn.) It was a great Greenlight experience..”

David Freeman, [Director] Parkhill Freeman

The Solution

Greenlight recognized that the resolution to this issue would need to come from changing the approach to the problem. The issue needed to be addressed without affecting the security of the business data.

Greenlight recommended Microsoft SharePoint with the aim to shift the impact of the higher latency connection. Previously, when opening a file or saving it, the action was taking place directly over the high latency internet connection, resulting in high load times. SharePoint allowed the Farm’s relevant data to be synchronised to the computer on-site, meaning opening and saving times were not impacted by internet speed. Instead, after the file was saved, the synchronisation of the file occurred in the background causing no impact to the user’s efficiency.

The benefits

By switching to SharePoint, Proten remote users have experienced a night-and-day change in their experience working with shared files. They can also benefit from collaboration features working with Microsoft Office documents simultaneously. Best of all, there was no added recurring cost to implement this solution as Proten was already eligible for SharePoint and already had a complete backup solution in place to cover the change.

Reliable and consistent IT systems with a single point of responsibility.

When Parkhill Freeman upgraded and standardised their business with Greenlight, they unlocked their IT investment’s true value.

Parkhill Freeman is a highly successful Melbourne based structural and civil engineering firm. They have been working in the industry for over 45 years and has contributed to numerous well know developments such as, McDonald’s restaurants, Primary and High Schools across the state and KFC restaurants to name a few.

The Situation

Parkhill Freeman their biggest concern was their aging IT infrastructure in both hardware and software. Parkhill Freeman were using a combination of operating systems from Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows vista.

Running both Office 2003 and 2007 which was causing inconstancies in document types and difficulties maintaining standards.

They were running Microsoft Exchange 2003 and were reaching its limitations due to mail- box size restrictions. When Greenlight ITC first started working with Parkhill Freeman their biggest concern was their aging hardware and software IT infra- structure.

Parkhill Freeman were using a combination of operating systems from Windows XP, Windows
2000 and Windows vista.


Industry: Engineering

Cities: Melbourne

Challenge: To standardise IT systems and improve remote access.

Services: Managed IT Services and Backup


  • Software and Hardware standardised
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Easy remote access for employees
  • Improved workflow

“This outcome was important to our business, to keep us competitive, enable staff to work remotely, ensure security of our data while using a system that is easy to operate as we moved to storing all our data electronically. We have achieved our objectives and recommend
Greenlight ITC to small businesses.”

David Freeman, [Director] Parkhill Freeman

The Solution

Greenlight implemented a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for all computers in the business running Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010.

Consistency was introduced to third party software in relevant departments, such as all Engineers and Draftsmen running standardised software. This resulted in faster workflow and flexibility for staff accessing different machines.

Darren Free, Director at Parkhill Freeman, says that “this increased production, [offering] greater consistency to the delivery of our documentation and better management of our data.”

All Critical business machines were replaced by up to date PC’s with 3 year onsite warranties. This means that if there are any hardware failures the disruption and cost to the business will be minimal.

Greenlight implemented a Windows Small business server 2008 and performed a migration from the aging Small business server 2003. This gave the company an up to date solution with advanced features such as larger email inboxes, and a 5 year onsite warranty for the server.

Greenlight ITC introduced a disk to disk “snapshot” style backup, protecting the business from a wide range of risks of data loss.

Parkhill also receive daily reports showing the status of their backups. Parkhill Freeman needed the ability to access their workstations remotely to work on the move or from home.

Greenlight implemented a cost effective solution allowing staff to access their machines remotely without needing technical knowledge or any complicated configuration.


The Benefits

Parkhill Freeman now has a standard operating environment and is no longer having issues with inconsistencies in their software and documents.

All critical business machines are covered under onsite warranties, and they have a more complete disaster recovery implementation.

Parkhill Freeman is also enjoying the ability to easily work remotely. Overall this has seen an increase in workflow and standardisation across the business.

New IT Systems for a specialist IT recruitment company

Command Recruitment Group is an Australian owned and managed company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore and London.

Established in 1991 as a boutique human resources consultancy, the business has grown and flourished to become an industry leader in comprehensive staffing solutions.

The Situation

Command experienced frequent outages and slow turnarounds from their existing outsourced IT support company. Computers were slow and the phone system was clunky and outdated. Due to large downtime, the business as a whole was put at risk.

Command also had multiple providers for the IT support, Phone System, and Internet, leading to time wasted chasing suppliers and no single party taking responsibility.

Command Recruitment - Testimonials about Greenlight ITC

“Transitioning to the Greenlight services and solutions has been very smooth and has increased our business performance and uptime dramatically. It’s nice to have a trusted team we can rely on that truly care about our business.”

Louise Lockie – Operations Manager – Command Recruitment Pty. Ltd.


Industry: Recruitment

Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart + around Australia, London, Singapore

Challenge: A reliable environment and phone system that integrates with their CRM


  • Managed IT Services
  • Network & Server Infrastructure
  • Hosted Phone System


  • Fast, reliable performance
  • Highly-available virtualisation platform
  • Reduction in call costs and downtime

The Solution

Initial Audit
Greenlight audited the internal IT systems as a first step and discovered that their core servers were all backing up to the same physical server, where everything was running from. Such a situation entails great risk, as if there were a critical failure, Command could lose everything. There were also numerous configuration issues that were not in line with IT best practice, contributing to the slowness and downtime.

Most of the Windows servers were running Windows Server 2003, which was approaching end of life. Greenlight implemented a project to upgrade all their servers to server 2012r2 and mitigated the risk of outdated software while having additionally employed IT best practices.

Greenlight recommended and implemented a modern hosted phone system that integrates with Command Recruitment’s core CRM systems. Thus, they can now make calls straight from the CRM and computers. This was a must as the staff are constantly on the phone.

Greenlight worked with Command to investigate the most appropriate technologies from their business with the mindset of helping the business succeed both now and in future. Greenlight also assisted in implementing the best suited applications for Command’s use.

Greenlight worked with the existing intrastate to reorganise all the servers so the backup and production targets were set apart.

The Benefits

Greenlight has streamlined the server environment and implemented IT best practice to greatly improve user efficiency and application load times.

Command now have a very reliable IT setup, with most of the critical applications hosted off premises.

Cost Savings
Phone bills have been reduced while adding increased functionality.

Added Value
Command now has the comfort of frequent strategic IT meetings to give a clear roadmap for costs and business outcomes.

Sports Club Kicks Security Goals with WatchGuard

The Richmond Football Club, nicknamed the Tigers, is a professional Australian rules football club playing in the Australian Football League (AFL).

The Situation

Richmond Football Club, known as the Tigers in the Australian Football League (AFL), has a proud history stretching back to 1885, winning 13 premierships since its inception.

In mid-2017, Richmond Football Club called on its long-time IT support partner, Greenlight ITC, to audit its security environment and recommend upgrades. The audit confirmed what Simon Reinsch,
IT manager at Richmond Football Club, suspected after he took on the job: the company’s 15-year-old Check Point firewalls were outdated, unreliable and placed the business, as well as valuable intellectual
property, at risk.

Professional football clubs are increasingly technology-driven with player data, sports analytics and videos to help their roster improve on-field performance and maintain competitive advantage. But an inability to establish a secure VPN connection to the corporate network from a remote location, such as a training ground, stadium, house or a hotel, required Richmond Football Club’s staff to run off portable
hard drives and their own individual machines.

“They didn’t have the ability to access the data away from the club – you had to be working off hard drives or transferring the files over to a local desktop to view them,” explained Simon. “We wanted to lock that down and not just have everyone taking things off-site and using it accordingly.”

The club also needed a better way to define, set and manage security policies for its Wi-Fi network to reduce the risk of someone using it to gain administrative access to other corporate systems.


Industry: Sports

Cities:  Melbourne

Challenge: Improving security with no downtime


  • Managed IT Services
  • Network & Server Infrastructure


  • Fast, reliable performance
  • Increased security

“WatchGuard just works. It gives us the confidence that our security posture will
continue to support our operations for many years to come.”

Simon Reinsch, IT Manager, Richmond Football Club

The Solution

With the help of Greenlight ITC, a priority list of what to upgrade was determined and quickly approved by the club, according to Simon.

“WatchGuard had a good reputation at the price point we were looking at,” said Simon. “WatchGuard was the stand-out contender and provided exceptional value for the money while meeting high levels of security expectations, product performance and simple installation and configuration. It also offered us functionality that the club can grow into over time.”

Greenlight ITC recommended WatchGuard based on the criteria that the club was looking for in a security solution. As such, the club deployed WatchGuard Total Security Suite running on two M370 Firebox appliances in a high availability configuration at its head office in Richmond.The M370s were configured off-site and then installed over a weekend in late 2017. As the previous firewalls had been in place a long time, the policies implemented through them were not well documented. The club and Greenlight ITC manually vetted each existing policy to decide which to cut across to the new firewall and which it could simply leave behind. The exercise itself was useful and Simon explained, “It was a good thing to be able to refresh a lot of those old policies.”

The Benefits

By switching to WatchGuard, Richmond Football Club has had its confidence restored in its security defense. They are also able to offer the administrative staff a secure way of logging into its corporate servers and systems, which supports the club’s flexible working commitments while keeping internal data secure. “An important part of WatchGuard is its flexibility. Being able to work securely in hotels or on the road is a big thing,” Simon explained.