What is Metro Ethernet?

As business internet providers, we often receive a lot of interest in our Metro Ethernet services, and primarily this is because just about everyone-- ever-- wants their internet to be faster. This is true especially in the work environment where deadlines are prevalent, and a slow or intermittent business internet connection can mean a lot of frustration.Metro Ethernet uses carrier ethernet technology in what is commonly referred to as MANs- Metropolitan Area Networks.

Some of the benefits Metro Ethernet have over other solutions are:

  • Cost Effective - an infrastructure shared with multiple businesses mean that unlike a dedicated connection, it is a lower cost service to provide
  • Reliability - because it is based on a mesh network using a combination of cable and fiber optic media, there are no intermittent issues due to poor signal strength or interference
  • Scalable - due to infrastructure already being in place for the majority of metropolitan office locations, there is more flexibility for adding or removing connections
  • Bandwidth Management - bandwidth can be centrally managed to meet the needs of each individual business, allowing greater control over both costs and performance capabilities

While there are some occasions where alternate solutions are a better fit for some businesses, our Metro Ethernet services may be a great way for your business to simultaneously increase its performance while reducing overheads.

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