Using the Cloud for your Server Solutions

The use of cloud solutions is quickly setting the field of technology alight. With the quickly dropping prices of cloud services and technology, along with the increasing acceptance of cloud products in order to provide solutions, businesses are quickly getting on the cloud bandwagon. One of the areas that the cloud seeks to revolutionize business is in providing new server solutions. But what exactly is a cloud server, and how can it benefit your business?

What are cloud servers?

Cloud servers, otherwise known as virtual servers or virtual private servers, simply refer to servers that run on the cloud computing environment, using the cloud to build, host and deliver their services.

Benefits of using cloud servers

There are a range of benefits to using cloud servers. These include:

1. Faster service

With traditional servers, precious time is spent having to configure and modify the physical hardware to suit a business’s specific needs, which may take hours or even days to do. However, cloud servers come with software that make them ready to use almost instantly, meaning that you may have a server ready to use within seconds.

2. Security

Cloud servers are far more secure than traditional servers. With cloud servers, your account will be insulated from other’s accounts. As a result, if there is any issue with the security of another account on the same physical server, then your account will still be kept isolated and secure.

3. Stability/Performance

Because of the highly customizable nature of the cloud servers, performance can be kept to an optimal level. Unlike traditional servers, one user or account cannot take control of the majority of the server resources, and you won’t have to worry about other accounts affecting your performance. Not only that, but they don’t suffer from the server hardware problems that physical servers occasionally encounter.

4. Cost effectiveness

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud servers are their cost effectiveness. With traditional servers, you are forced to pay a set amount, often in months or years. Because of the lack of flexibility with their usage, businesses often pay for resources that they simply never use. In cases where they may need resources that temporarily exceed the planned amount, your entire site may end up being shut down or you may have to pay excessive usage fees. Because of the flexibility of cloud computing servers, you can pay for what you use on a far more flexible basis, with many providers offering plans by the hour, and also allowing you to pay only for the capacity that is required at any particular time.

5. Flexibility/Scalability

It’s easy to make any changes or addition to cloud server as opposed to physical servers. For example, upgrading your server and adding extra memory or disk space can be quickly and easily done. You can also modify your operating system or make any other changes that are necessary. And of course, you pay for resources as and when they are required, instead of paying for one set amount.

6. Ease of setup/use

Because there is no complicated hardware setup involved, and because much of the necessary software has been tailored for a wide range of uses, deploying cloud servers is far easier than using traditional servers. Not only that, but managing is easier as well, since the software comes automated to conduct activities such as system updates and backups.With the recent advances in technology, there are obvious advantages to using cloud servers over traditional servers. With cloud servers being cheaper, more flexible and easier to use than traditional servers, many businesses are now making the switch to the cloud for their server solutions. If saving money, time and effort sounds good to you, contact Greenlight ITC for a free quote on how we can help in providing the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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