The Top 10 Apps No Business Professional Should Live Without


As a business professional, it’s almost impossible not to be inundated with new technology and apps that seem to arise almost daily. Although apps can greatly improve workplace communication and productivity – with literally millions of apps to choose from – it’s important to sort out the noise and to figure which apps are useful from those that aren’t. Here are the top 10 apps that every business manager and employee should have:


While Evernote is best known as a note taking app, its wide range of features give users many options outside of making generic notes. For example, this useful app allows you to clip web pages, store images and take audio notes. In addition, Evernote’s extended family comes with a wide range of additional features, such as a handwriting app and an image mark-up tool. Evernote allows businesses to share notes and additions to work with other co-workers, creating a hive mind type of collaboration. There’s also a version specifically for business, which allows companies to centrally manage employee accounts and access data or notes.


Linked in is a great tool for any business professional. It allows you to track other professionals in your industry, and also to participate in relevant groups that can increase your reach and assist with branding your business.


Password security is critical in keeping your important data safe. With many businesses requiring a multitude of different Internet-based accounts, it can be impossible to remember the complex passwords required to access each one. Lastpass is a password management app that offers a secure method of storing those passwords in one location, and has additional features such as two step verification to ensure password security. It’s no wonder that this programme was named PC Mag’s editor’s choice for password management.


With the popularity of a social media, your business probably has to manage a number of different accounts. Hootsuite allows you to manage various social media platforms from one easy-to-use dashboard, saving you time and effort from having to manually update each one.


This useful app is a one-stop-shop for all of your business travel organization needs, helping you to organize and share your travel information. For example, you can plan an itinerary simply by forwarding confirmation emails, get directions and maps for the destinations that you’re visiting, and even sync your trip plans with other apps such as Google Calendar or Outlook.


As the world’s most popular video calling app, Skype is a must-have for most businesses. With the ability to voice or video call for free with the more than 250 million people on Skype, this is a useful tool to communicate both locally and abroad. Of course, you can still use Skype traditionally and call landlines and cell phones, with far lower calling rates than traditional providers.


This useful app makes it easier for teams to organize and prioritize information, allowing for better time management. It allows users to create lists and organize tasks, and also to get updates straight from their inbox. It can also attach files and images to tasks and has Dropbox integration.

Wi-Fi Finder

Are you an on the go business traveller who’s always searching for an Internet connection? Wi-Fi finder may just be the answer to your prayers. Wi-Fi finder displays both paid and free Wi-Fi networks, even providing directions to nearby hotspots, which is great for the on the go employee.

Square Register

Especially useful for small businesses or entrepreneurs on the go, Square Register is an innovative app that lets users accept credit card and other payments straight from their mobile device, either through their credit card dongle or through entering card details manually. Not only that, but Square charges a small and simplified 2.75 percent per transaction, with no extra hidden fees, making it easier than ever to process cashless transactions.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage apps, and there’s a good reason why. Its ease of use in uploading files and almost near instantaneous syncing makes sharing documents with co-workers or other employees a cinch. It saves valuable time in having to manually share information through other methods such as email or hard copy transfer through USB.Apps are a staple when it comes to raising productivity and streamlining day-to-day tasks. By focusing on just a few key apps, your company can quickly see a rise in profits thanks to an increase in employee output. As a leader in mobile management technology, Greenlight ITC can help your company with managing company mobile devices. Contact us today for a free quote on how we can put together a mobile device plan that works for you.

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