Some free tools to speed up your pc and save you time

If you've ever bought a brand new PC or laptop, you probably know how annoying it can be to install your normal software all over again. You and I both know the old adage 'time is money'.Heck, a big part of the reason we exist is that businesses outsource their computer and infrastructure support to us in order to be more efficient and save time. That's why I've written this short article that covers two great ways to save you even MORE time by:

  • Installing your regular software quickly and easily
  • Removing the 'bloatware' that slows your computer down

Install software quickly and easily

Every time you buy a new computer, it's the same old story. Java, Flash, Chrome, Firefox, a zip application and so-on. It can easily take a few hours to set up all the different bits of software you need to be able to get your work (or play) done. Before I forget, another essential is the VLC Media Player which in our opinion is easily the best free video player available. Anyway, let's keep going...Do what the IT-pro’s do and take a shortcut with the free software Ninite. Used by companies like NASA, Harvard Medical School, and Tupperware, it has some serious street cred. The great thing about Ninite is that it will allow you to select all the software you need with just a few clicks of your mouse, and the handy little app will install everything for you without all the annoying popup windows and toolbars.Ninite allows you to update your software all at once rather than individually. Our Melbourne IT Support team were recently asked asked about Java update pop-ups, and we've have found Ninite to be a great solution. The only downside (if you could call it that) is that Ninite may not have ALL the software you want. However it will cover most of the basics and save you a lot of time.

Getting rid of 'Bloatware'

When you buy a new computer, it often comes with a gamut of pre-installed software. Some of it is necessary, some is useful, and some is a complete waste of space. Worse still, it can even slow down your computer. Well, sorry for the cliche, but there's an app for that.It's called...Erm... "PC Decrapifier", and it certainly lives up to its rather colourful name. It will remove some of the bloatware, depending on your computer type. Then you will have a nice fresh system with everything setup in no time.

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