Parkhill Freeman – Customer Story

The Situation

Parkhill Freeman is a highly successful Melbourne based structural and civil engineering firm. They have been working in the industry for over 45 years and has contributed to numerous well know developments such as, McDonald’s restaurants, Primary and High Schools across the state and KFC restaurants to name a few.When Greenlight ITC first started working with Parkhill Freeman their biggest concern was their aging IT infrastructure in both hardware and software. Parkhill Freeman were using a combination of operating systems from Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows vista.Running both Office 2003 and 2007 which was causing inconsistencies in document types and difficulties maintaining standards. Furthermore, they were running Microsoft Exchange 2003 and were reaching its limitations due to mailbox size restrictions.The SolutionGreenlight implemented a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for all computers in the business running Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010. Consistency was introduced to third party software in relevant departments, such as all Engineers and Draftsmen running standardised software, resulting in faster workflow and flexibility for staff accessing different machines.Darren Free, Director at Parkhill Freeman, says that “this increased production, [offering] greater consistency to the delivery of our documentation and better management of our data.”All business-critical machines were replaced by up to date PC’s with 3 year onsite warranties, which meant that in the event of any hardware failures the disruption and cost to the business will be minimal.Greenlight implemented a Windows Small business server 2008 and performed a migration from the aging Small business server 2003, giving the company an up to date solution with advanced features such as larger email inboxes, and a 5 year onsite warranty for the server.

Greenlight ITC introduced a disk to disk “snapshot” style backup, protecting the business from a wide range of risks of data loss, and Parkhill Freeman also receive daily reports showing the status of their backups. This allows for constant yet unobtrusive visibility of risks to company data and operations.

Because Parkhill Freeman needed the ability to access their workstations remotely to work on the move or from home, Greenlight implemented a cost effective cloud solution allowing staff to access their machines remotely without needing technical knowledge or any complicated configuration.

The Benefits

  • Standardised Operating Environment – Standardising hardware and software across the business improved workflow and allowed greater flexibility for staff to work from different machines
  • Hardware – Business-critical machines were replaced and covered by 3 year onsite warranty, minimising the risk of disruption to the business in the event of hardware failures
  • Server – Implementing a Windows Small Business server 2008 complete with 5 year onsite warranty allowed for an array of sophisticated features that improved business processes, while keeping risk to a minimum
  • Backup – a custom backup solution was planned and implemented across the business, giving Parkhill Freeman peace of mind in the event of disasters or human error
  • Remote Access – Parkhill Freeman staff enjoyed being able to work in remote, helping them deal with projects quickly and with great mobility

Parkhill Freeman now has a standard operating environment and is no longer having issues with inconsistencies in their software and documents. With all critical business machines covered under onsite warranties and they have a comprehensive disaster recovery implementation.Perhaps best of all, the business is also now enjoying the ability to easily work remotely. Overall this has seen an increase in workflow and standardisation across the business.To find out more about Parkhill Freeman you can click here

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