New Features Coming to Windows 10 Creators Edition

If your business is on the Windows 10 Creators platform, you’re in for a treat this spring, as Microsoft rolls out some of the most exciting updates in quite some time. Anybody who works in a creative media environment will be thrilled, but there are some obvious productivity enhancements that any business will find attractive.Most of the changes revolve around how you’ll interact with Windows, although there are some nice developer and security enhancements that you’re going to want to jump on as well.

Fluent Design: light, transparency, colour, and control

The look of your Windows desktop is going to become more fluid and three-dimensional. You’ll be able to change your Point of View (POV), and your cursor will be illuminated, as will your menus and other screen objects. You’ll also be able to use your pen to draw, notate, scroll and write directly on the screen. Additionally, Windows 10’s new colour filters will allow people who are colour blind to adjust their screens to see contrasting shades. All very esoteric, but seeing it in action is probably a better way to explain it.

Windows People

Windows will prioritize the people who you communicate with the most, allowing you to share and send files to your close contacts with just one click. You can also pin people to the taskbar for easy access, which allows you to collaborate and share from whatever application you are working in.

Find My Pen

A useful feature for the eternally busy but absent-minded; especially if you are prone to leaving your expensive digital pen in restaurants, taxis or boardrooms.

Clipboard Cloud Sync

Save your clipboard items for access on all of your devices. Clipboard Sync stores your clipboard items in the cloud, so you can seamlessly move from device to device. In addition to making life easier for you, it also serves the purpose of saving disk space and improving system performance.

Microsoft Graph and Timeline

Microsoft Graph further helps you facilitate device-to- device roaming, allowing you to return to any point on your timeline and resume what you were working on, say, last week. It’s also searchable – which brings us to the next point.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

And speaking of working on multiple devices, Cortana’s pick-up- where-you- left-off feature allows you to resume working on a project or document on any device. When you switch devices, Cortana will ask you whether you want to resume a task. This feature connects directly with your timeline as well, so whatever you do will show up on the timeline.

Application Throttling

Very helpful to save battery power on your devices or laptop, or to free up CPUs for media-rich applications. Windows will recognize apps like music players and other foreground tasks, and will not throttle them. Settings can be configured for individual apps as well in the System>Settings>Battery file menu.

OneDrive Files On-Demand

No need to sync your local device to OneDrive anymore: all OneDrive files will be visible and available for download with just one click.

Incoming call notifications

If you use an Android smartphone or another device that is connected to your Windows 10 system, you will get a notification on your desktop (or whatever device you are using) if you are receiving a call. This also gives you the option of texting them back or declining the call if you so choose.

More features to look forward to

There are so many new features in the Windows 10 Creator’s fall update to look forward to, it’s hard to list them all. Other improvements include end-to- end security features, and better Linux support. Developer mode will no longer be required in order to run Bash on Ubuntu, as you’ll be able to download it from the Windows Store, along with iTunes, Spotify, SAP Mobile and Autodesk. There is also enhanced support for 3D, VR and combined-reality.

Stay Up-to- Date with New Windows 10 Creator Features

If your company is running a Windows 10 Creators environment, or if you are thinking of migrating your company’s systems to this OS, let Greenlight-ITC help you get the most out of your investment. Call today to set up a consultation, and find out what’s possible.

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