Managed Services Provider in Sydney Will Help with Company IT Woes

A Channelnomics article published December 27, 2013 details the expected rise of managed services towards the end of this decade:

Managed services is and will remain a hot offering through the end of the decade, with revenues expanding at a healthy double-digit rate, according to a new report by analyst firm MarketsandMarkets. At its current pace, the managed services market could surpass $320 billion by 2020.“The recent trend in the industry shows that there is a high demand for managed services across every industry vertical. The implementation of managed services reduces the IT costs by 30 percent to 40 percent in the enterprises. This enables organizations to have the flexibility and technical advantage with them. Newer managed services that penetrate almost all the industry domains, along with aggressive pricing in services, are being offered. This results in increase in the overall revenues of the managed services market,” MarketsandMarkets wrote in its report.

The projected numbers show how a lot of industries have seen the power of managed services. Sydney-based businesses looking to cut costs while maximizing their output should consider a trusted managed services provider in Sydney to help them achieve their goals.There are various things a business can gain from outsourcing its specific needs. One business aspect that companies tend to outsource is their IT needs. First of all, effective IT outsourcing would mean controlled costs, as the company will only pay for what is needed.Another thing that has to be considered in an in-house IT department is the constant update of systems. The industry is known for its rapid growth rate, and a practice or software that is popular today may become obsolete in two to five years. Hiring a trusted managed service provider will remove any strain involved with updates.The third perk that comes with managed IT services in Sydney is immediate access to a highly-specialized staff. There are a lot of qualified prospects for an in-house IT department, but qualification cannot be said on the same breath with experience. A lot of these services employ experienced personnel who can efficiently handle your IT needs quickly and efficiently.The managed service industry is growing, and for good reason. The growth of the industry promises better services, and companies looking to cash in on the growth can start by contacting trusted services like Greenlight to get things started.(Article Excerpt and Image from Managed Services on Track to Surpass $320B, Channelnomics, December 27, 2013)

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