Doltone House – Customer Story

The Situation

Doltone house is a premier function and events company with a sterling reputation known through-out Australia. Doltone House was recently featured in Australia’s Master Chef and has received multiple awards for excellence. For a relatively small business with fewer than 100 staff in Australia, Doltone House had some complex requirements.Across their four sites they had a demand for high availability and accessibility from onsite and remote locations. They had invested in multiple systems and hardware that was not performing adequately due to poor IT management and average implementation. Everything from their core CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application, Exchange emails, front of house sales systems to their automated workforce management system was impacted.

The Solution

To start our networking team was deployed to resolve issues with poor WAN (Wide-Area Network) and intranet layout causing extremely slow network performance and bottle necks. Using existing equipment and internet links, the logical and physical topology was restructured across various broadband and fibre connections, leading to a significant performance increase by Doltone House users.Due to oversights and incorrect implementation Doltone House terminal servers were performing extremely slowly. The Greenlight Microsoft team was quickly able to restructure and resolve these performance issues, including using untapped resources from local servers through correct virtualization. Once these key systems were adequately optimised, Doltone House was able to perform its core business with marked improvement.Doltone House are now more comfortable knowing their systems and backups are constantly being monitored and proactively maintained.In order to continue to keep Dolton House running efficiently a custom support plan was created and adopted to manage all avenues of requirements from level 1-3 helpdesk, proactive server maintenance and detailed reporting. Having one point of contact for IT related issues made life a lot easier for the directors and users of Doltone House.Greenlight also attends regular meetings with the board of directors to ensure IT systems and support are meeting Doltone House’s requirements and engage in planning for the future.

The Benefits

  • Business Network – with a comprehensive network plan and implementation, Greenlight were able to resolve the issues that were holding Doltone House from delivering their excellent service.
  • Terminal Server – instead of expensive hardware replacements, Greenlight re-configured existing servers to deliver greater performance and ROI (Return On Investment) through virtualization.
  • Proactive Maintenance – using our Remote Maintenance and Management platform, unexpected hardware and software issues were proactively resolved– increasing uptime and business performance.
  • IT Support – Doltone House wanted a single point of contact for their IT support, with a custom support plan to handle IT issues, proactive server maintenance, as well as custom reports. This gave Doltone a high-level view of their IT systems, while minimising time and effort involved by their staff.
  • Management – with an extremely successful business and loyal clientele ranging from small businesses to ASX 50 corporations, Doltone House continue their exponential growth. Greenlight regularly attend meetings with Doltone House’s board of directors to ensure their IT systems and support are meeting their short and long term business goals.

Doltone House now have IT systems that are meeting the high business requirements and their expectations have been exceeded. Doltone House have all the benefits of a large internal IT team however they are receiving the cost savings of outsourcing.To find out more about Doltone House, you can click here.

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