4 Alarming Signs Your MSP/ IT Team Is Unprepared for CyberSecurity this 2020

4 Alarming Signs Your MSP/ IT Team Is Unprepared for CyberSecurity this 2020

4 Alarming Signs Your MSP/ IT Team Is Unprepared for CyberSecurity this 2020 1920 1282 Greenlight Managed IT Support Services | Sydney | Melbourne

One of the most pressing tech issues for businesses, especially in Australia, is cybersecurity.

Therefore, assuring your organization is working with an MSP or IT team with a keen focus on cybersecurity should be a top priority. The individuals comprising these teams should be subject to some rigorous scrutiny from your end. You need to make sure they have the right mindset and capability to handle your business and know what it needs in line with the risks that are out there.

The Sensitive Nature of Cybersecurity in Australia

Unfortunately, Australia – in particular – has been subject to a significant influx of cybercrimes. More specifically, businesses have seemed to face the brunt of these attacks, which are people-based.

Through such methods, Australian small businesses experienced a total of 516,380 cyberattacks between 2017 and 2018. 

Furthermore, Australian businesses could end up losing $29 billion per year because of cybercrimes, according to a Microsoft commissioned report.

If your MSP/IT team isn’t up to par in preventing these crimes, and you’re not willing to spend for quality, it’ll lead to a tremendous financial blow. The digital “streets” are now hazardous in Australia, and the only way to respond is with beefed up security. 

With your business subject to such risks, ensure 100% that your MSP/IT team doesn’t display these four red flags.

Watch Out for These Four Signs of Poor Cybersecurity Services

1) Not Having “The Talk” With You About Cybersecurity

Managing your data is more than just setting up your backup, the internet connection, or installing key antivirus in your units. MSPs should be proactive when it comes to raising awareness of the threats that play the numbers game. Because it doesn’t matter how big or how small the business can be, as long as they grab your data.

The right MSPs treat your business as equally valuable as theirs, if not more, and ensuring you are aware of what to do or how to get your systems defended from threats is now more essential than before.

So when your MSP has yet to start the conversation about keeping your data cyber safe, you might want to check if they have the necessary tools or strategies in place.  

2) Not Using Their Own Products

Even a dedicated, expert team can’t make up for a product that isn’t up to global and institutional standards.

Though, it’s going to be hard during the vetting process to discern whether the product if its part of their package.

One way to cut through the bluster and savvy marketing talk is to find out one crucial fact. That being, do they use their own products throughout their organization?

If not, your potential MSP/IT team shows a distinct lack of faith in their own product. 

3) No Cybersecurity Culture in their Workplace

Using their products is one thing, but the MSP’s executive team should be able to take the charge when it comes to ensuring their whole organization follows the culture of securing the client’s and their own personal data.

Ensuring certain processes and preventive measures in place such as multi-factor authentication across all units (mobile and desktop) are some of the first few things to check.

You can also ask for a tour in their workplace so you can meet the team and see how the business is run to see where your investment is going to.

Having key processes shows they take Cybersecurity and your safety very seriously.

4) Their Training and Support isn’t Up to Par

To securely utilize MPS and IT solutions, the entirety of your own team must take the time to learn the ins and outs of the technology.

Many of these solutions can be quite complicated. But it doesn’t have to be for you and your employees. Your marketing team, all the way to your in-house IT staff, will, however, need regular guidance and training for the essentials.

For technology to generate the best possible return and make the most positive impact in your workplace, everybody needs to properly use it and be aware of how to lessen their risks in their role. Just because someone’s skill set doesn’t align with tech, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have product knowledge when they work for an MSP/IT organization.

Ensuring that your potential MSP/IT team offers essentials training, they must also be able to train them without the information overload. That means being able to do create a program fit for every employee and business owner, practically created based on their business needs.

MSPs Are Essential for Your Business

You might think you’ll be able to skate by without a reliable technology vendor who provides an array of services. In 2020, with the security risks mentioned above, as well as the fast-paced demand of today’s tech-driven world, you need experts at your side that understand your business and creates a culture of Cyber Safety in and out of their company.

The right MSPs give you that secure, sure hand that streamlines your operations and brings everything to a new level.

Don’t Miss out on Enhancing Your Cybersecurity

With all the risks we’ve discussed, it’s time for your organization to shore up on your cybersecurity.

This week, we have an event on the 21st of February about Cybersafety as a way for businesses to learn the essentials of cybersecurity without spending a fortune.

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When: February 21 2019, 9am -12 pm

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